Mind Matters 2575 7707 Dr Melanie Bryan
Student Health Service/Health Department
Samaritans 2896 0000
Mental Health Association
Social Welfare Department
2343 2255
Government Websites with a lot of useful links
KELY support
Athabasca University Mastering exam anxiety - relaxation techniques
The Hong Kong Society of Counseling and Psychology Whats App hotlines
6218 1084
9238 3400
Suicide Prevention Center 2382 0000
Hong Kong Free Press guide to mental health services in HK
Cyber Safety/ Sexting Sexting: What parents need to know:
Talking about Sexting
The consequences of sexting:
The Social Media Stream - Recommendations for Parents.pdf
Childline (UK) Articles and info on various teenage issues for teenagers Below links extracted from this text from WIS
Mental health and wellbeing UK
Support for anxiety (Canada)
Managing online behaviour/setting up family agreements
Developing self esteem based on personality traits