Counselling Services

Counselling can be described as a process of guidance and assistance whereby a trained professional, a counsellor, helps and supports personal, social or psychological problems and difficulties. Counselling may be a one-time occurrence or an on-going process, depending on what is suited to the person in need. Counselling sessions may take place one-to-one, or in small groups.

Counsellors support, encourage and guide towards positive change and are not supposed to give advice or judge. The GSIS school counselling team provides a bi-lingual service (German and English) for all students and offers support and guidance to parents and staff.

We support students to become resilient, independent and caring individuals well-equipped to handle challenges they may face in and outside of school. We work collaboratively to serve the students and community of GSIS and welcome any inquiries, big or small.

School Counsellors

For English or German speaking students:

Photo of Jeanette Dellinger


School Counsellor

Work Phone: 2825-8189

How long have I worked at GSIS?
I came to Hong Kong to join GSIS in September 2015.

What did I do before that?
I grew up in Hessen and the past 11 years I lived in Hildesheim. There I worked in the field of child and youth services in a social-pedagogical practice.

What has an important impact for my work?
In my work at GSIS it is important to me to encourage children and young people in their development into self-confident, independent and self-determined personalities and accompany and encourage the preservation of their rights. The support of parents in educating their children is also important to me, as well as cooperation with the teachers in order to contribute to a positive and motivating atmosphere at school.

For English or Cantonese speaking students:

Photo of Tanya Lau


School Counsellor

Work Phone: 2825-8156

How long have I worked at GSIS?
‘ello! I came to Hong Kong five years ago, from the (not-so) sunny, and vibrant city of Manchester in the UK. I joined GSIS in May 2017.

What did I do before that?
Born in Liverpool, raised in Manchester and studying in Leeds – my work and life had always been in the north of England. There I worked as a counsellor for a national charity which worked with child protection services and in child-centred counselling. Since moving to Hong Kong, I have worked in a SEN (special educational needs) capacity as a teacher, as well as in a counselling capacity with a wide range of children and adults in Hong Kong. Alongside this, I have facilitated parenting courses serving the Hong Kong expatriate community.

What has an important impact for my work?
As a school counsellor, I believe it is paramount to embed social-emotional education from an early age in order to build resilient, socially equipped, emotionally intelligent adults. It is important to shake the mental-health stigma, and talk openly about issues of curiosity, big or small. Parental support and fluid communication is also key to my work. I counsel in a friendly, positive, open manner, and aim support the students of GSIS in the same way.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you with personal issues and stress in school life. In addition there are many other challenging situations in life students should not be dealing with just by themselves. Please seek the support of adults. We are available to listen to you and to find solutions together with you.

We also join class periods and speak with students and staff about drug education, bullying and cyber bullying.

Students are welcome to talk to us if they experience stress with friends, get bullied, are anxious about their grades or are not feeling well in school. Students talk to us if there are questions and worries raised about love, sexuality, addictions, and anxious feelings about the future or worry about friends. Let’s talk!

Nobody! We provide advice in confidence. Only if it is necessary, we will enlist outside professional advice and support. However, no action will be taken without you knowing. We will always tell you beforehand if we consider to enlist third party help.

Here is an anonymous example:

A teenage girl told us that recently her friend has almost eaten nothing and lost a lot of weight. Quite often she skips gym classes because of her lack of physical power. The girl who came to us, is afraid that her friend might be anorexic.

This sort of information we cannot keep to ourselves. We must try to find out whether the student's health is at risk or not. We probably need to contact the girl herself, we may also speak with the class teacher or the parents of the girl.
The girl who has entrusted me with heir concerns, will be informed of what steps we are considering taking. 

Whenever we need to consider other people, we will inform the affected children and young people about it.

Jeanette Geisel
You can always drop into my office. Especially during break times I am usually in my office:

  • Monday - Friday 7.30 - 16.00, Middle Building, Room M604
  • Direct telephone: (852) 2825 8189
  • Email:


Tanya Lau

  • Monday - Friday 10.00 - 14.00, Lower Building, Room LL09
  • Direct telephone: (852) 2825 8156
  • Email:

Useful telephone numbers in Hong Kong:

  • Youth Hotline for Young People in Hong Kong:   27 77 88 99
  • 24 hours Suicide Prevention Services Hotline:     23 82 0000
  • The Samaritans Suicide Prevention Service:         28 96 0000

Counselling services

St. Johns Counselling Service:
Suite 7/D - 7th Floor - On Hing Building
1 - 9 On Hing Terrace
Central - Hong Kong

Telephone: (852) 2525 7207/08
Fax: (852) 2524 2777

Resources – The Counselling Centre
23/F, Li Dong Building, 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central, Hong Kong
Tel. (852) 2523 8979 Fax (852) 2845 7352

Parental Assistance

Help and assistance for the parents of students in the German and English Secondary Departments

  • You can make an appointment to see me if you are worried about your child in the school setting. For example, you can come to see me if upbringing and family conflicts have an effect on your child's schooling, if your child has problems with school bonding or exhibits particular behavioural problems at school.
  • I offer individual counselling and support and help you with addresses inHong Kongif you need further advice and assistance.
  • Adults, too, can be assured that counselling is strictly confidential.

Please make an appointment.

I can be contacted as follows: Monday – Friday 7.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. in school, Middle Building, Room M604

Telephone (direct): (852) 2825 8189