Ernest Ip

I am an Australian-Chinese born in Hong Kong. I received my Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and had held operation and strategic managerial positions with multinational corporations in different continents. My ties to Germany and Switzerland can be dated back to my university days. Out of interest and admiration of the German culture, I studied German for 2 years in university, and went for an intensive study tour of Germany in the summer. During my professional career life, I had worked at the Headquarters of Nestle in Switzerland for 3 years, where I had numerous fond memories both from work and my personal life. These experiences and background were the main reasons that I sent both our children to study at GSIS.

I started my own business in manufacturing in the early 2000s, which was subsequently listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. I exited after the listing, and have since become an active investor in start-up technology companies that could help change the world.

Our son and daughter are studying at GSIS, at Y13 and Y11 respectively. I was a KPR for 4 years, and a member of the Parents Committee for 3 years, taking part in running the Christmas Bazaar and manning the school shop 2-3 times a week. I have a good understanding of the operation of the school, and the challenges it faces.

I have a profound personal interest in education. I have been a member of the management committee (aka the board) of a local school for 4 years, and am well acquainted with the issues faced by the education field in Hong Kong. I hope to strengthen GSIS as one school and to enhance transparency to all stakeholders concerned, while continue to build on the success as a school that is excellent in academic, embraces multi-culture, and most of all, upholds the German and Swiss values and traditions. I look forward to contributing my knowledge and experience to help make the school a better place for our students of today and the future.