Cara Fischer

Since my oldest child first joined GSIS in 2002, I have been deeply engaged in the GSIS community. Over the past 17 years, I have served in various roles such as KPR (Klassenpflegschaftsvertreter) and Deputy KPR Secretary (across numerous primary & secondary school year groups), as a member of the Development Committee when it was first established, and most recently on the Transport Committee. I have also served on the Foundation Board since 2016. I joined the Foundation Board at that time because I was motivated to understand the governance of the school better: I had noticed the obscure opening of a GSIS German kindergarten in Sai Kung in 2014 and sought to understand and partake in such decisions. I originally wanted to join the Association Board but was restricted by the language barrier as stated in its Articles of Association. I am very glad that this barrier has been removed to align GSIS with the expectations of today’s society and allow a greater range of voices on the Association Board.

I care deeply about student welfare, focusing on student well-being and university counselling and guidance. I believe in working with faculty to motivate staff and continued teacher welfare to develop an energised faculty body that can inspire our children. To attain a standard of excellence across teaching and administrative staff, with hiring, development and retention policies that are in line with global standards and best practices amongst the best schools in the world. Last but not least, the framework of good corporate governance must be intact to ensure that the interests of ALL stakeholders of the school are protected and not at risk of abuse.

Over the years, I have seen the highs and lows of this wonderful community and how it has suffered fractures and healed. I see more commonalities than differences. Parents in both streams care about a robust and positive teaching environment, more language opportunities, for school buses ‘to work’, to have better security at the school, shorter queues at lunch, to name a few. I believe in understanding where the gaps are and trying to address those specific issues.

As a family, we have been in Hong Kong for 26 years and are an international family. All of my children started in primary school with my two oldest having graduated from GSIS and my two youngest in Y13 and Y10 respectively.

I advocate for girls’ education issues and was an ambassador for the W.I.N. network in my previous company, promoting the recruitment, development, advancement, and retention of women. I continue to support women’s issues with involvement in the Women @ Euromoney initiative. My interest in education is further underscored by enrolling into a program at the University of Hong Kong where I graduated with a Masters of Education degree in 2016. I hope to be able to contribute and serve in the GSIS community and will seek to promote the best interests for the betterment of GSIS.

Professional background: