Kindergarten German Stream

From the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic school year, GSIS will be introducing two bi-lingual classes in the German Stream of our Kindergarten, as well as still running a German Kindergarten class.

There will be a German/English class with one native German and one native English teacher, and a German/Mandarin class with one native German and one native Mandarin teacher. Both bilingual classes will follow the German Curriculum to lead into the German School System and to prepare students for the German International Abitur.

As it is proven that 50:50 immersion is most effective when started in Kindergarten, we will follow this model which promotes bilingualism and biliteracy with positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviour.

GSIS has researched the benefits of introducing a bilingual programme and the power of language is undeniable. There is considerable research to show that bilingualism gives children social, linguistic and cognitive advantages. We believe that introducing these two bi-lingual classes at a key time in the child’s learning in our nurturing Kindergarten setting, will encourage them to express themselves in both languages.

If you would like further information and details on places available, please contact our Admissions team on 2849 6216.

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Kindergarten German Stream prepares your child for German Vorschule. We encourage your child’s overall development – this means that the social, emotional, creative, cognitive, language and motor development are equally developed and supported.

School Hours

Monday to Friday from 7:15 am to 12:30 pm.

Physical Education

There will be two PE lessons per week. Your child’s class teacher will inform you at the beginning of the school year what days are dedicated for gym.

On these days your child should come to school dressed for PE (PE clothes and sports shoes).


In case there are any changes to your child’s going home routine please inform us in writing or call our secretary in advance. Bus changes are not permitted.

In case you have to pick up your child due to extraordinary circumstances please note the following Pick up time: 12.50 pm

Afternoon Activities

If your child is participating in one of the Afternoon Activities he/she will be escorted to his/her activity after lunch. Afternoon Activities will start after Autumn Break.


A child’s birthday is a special day and we would like to celebrate this special day in class. Therefore, send some food for all to share in class and inform your child’s class teacher accordingly.

Theme-based Curriculum

Each theme is given a time span and the activities are based on the themes.

Daily Timetable


  • Language and Literary
  • Knowledge of the World and Science
  • Maths
  • Music
  • Motor Skills and Health Education
  • Perception
  • Creativity
  • Social cultural and moral Education

Our "weekly blog" at the end of the week will inform you about all activities your child experienced during the week.


These are highlights in the Kindergarten. We celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, Lanternfest, St. Nikolaus, Christmas, Fasching, Chinese New Year, Easter, Mother’s Day, Dragon Boat and International Children’s Day.


To better prepare our children that are moving – up to Vorschule in the following school year, we will include extra activities called Maxi-Kinder to the curriculum. This will take place once or twice per week.

  • Backpack: Please provide a backpack big enough to hold your child’s snack box(es), art folder and communication book.
  • Indoor Shoes
  • Sun hat/Baseball Cap
  • Set of Spare Clothes: Please provide an extra bag with a set of spare clothes. This bag will be kept at school. Clearly label your child’s belongings.Please be aware that the children will work with different materials and will spend time on the playground. Therefore your child should come to school in casual and comfortable clothes.
  • Healthy Snack: All children should bring a healthy snack from home. Please provide enough food for the long school hours. Water will be provided.
  • Healthy Lunch: Children participating in Afternoon Activities (AA) will be supervised by our teachers during lunch. Please send a separate lunch box and we will re-heat your child’s lunch in the microwave if necessary.
Raupen (German / Mandarin)

Mr Ricky Siegel & Ms Jenny Zhang

Schmetterlinge (German / English)

Ms Monika Täuber & Mrs Chari


Ms Jessica Zaulig