Kindergarten - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校



About the Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten Department consists of a German and an English Stream. Four English Stream classes (two EKG1 and two EKG2 classes) are divided into two different age groups to prepare for the English Primary 1. The German Department has four classes, with children of mixed ages (Butterflies, Grasshoppers, Fireflies and Caterpillars). After two years of Kindergarten (or when the child has turned 5 before the 1st of September of the current school year) these children will attend the German preschool class.

We encourage harmonious development through group play. Children learn through play for the first six years of their life. A child who enjoys intensive play will have the required tools for successful independent study at school later. Therefore, it is our aim to create an atmosphere in Kindergarten, which stimulates intensive play. Play is the basis for all areas of the work in Kindergarten and we cover all aspects of play.

We learn using different "topics" each week taken from the child's local environment and create programmes with suitable games, songs and activities. Based on this practice, the child can build a trusting relationship with his or her environment and learn to be independent. As we have children from many nations, we have a special emphasis on developing English and/or German language skills. In addition to the above, the English stream exposes the children to reading and writing activities, that are developmentally appropriate for preparing the children for Primary I. Seasonal festivals of different countries are celebrated with all the children, and they learn games, songs and rhymes of the respective cultures, sometimes in a different language, in a playful way. We also have a free play period every day when all the children play together. This builds a good foundation for the study of a foreign language in primary school later on.