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GSIS is proud to provide students in both Streams with a world-class and all-around education, following the German International Abitur and the IB Diploma Programme. Students leaving the school do so with the full support of our University Guidance Team and with our consistently high results and value-added education, we celebrate the breadth of destinations that our students take.

In order to support our students’ individual choices, we provide a structured programme to enable them to make the right choices beyond GSIS. Our team’s extensive professional networks and the close relationships fostered with universities around the world help to steer our students in the right direction while achieving their objectives.

Our University Guidance Team is focused firmly on helping students with their academic research, with a clear aim of finding the best fit for the individual. They provide resources and advice to support them as they explore future options and decide their next steps. The team offers individualised support and encouragement to every student and we give them exposure to a wide range of universities.

In addition, GSIS organises:

  • Global university forums and webinars exclusive to GSIS students and their parents which include an overview of the university, its admission process, the student experience and more
  • Parent Information Sessions covering a wide variety of university and career topics
  • Internships, mentoring programmes, careers guidance and support by drawing on our alumni network and the wider community

GSIS University Counselling Virtual Coffee Mornings
To view list of coffee mornings for parents, please click here. Unless otherwise noted, Virtual Coffee mornings will be held at 8:00 am via Zoom. The link will generally be sent one week in advance of the event by email to relevant parties. While some sessions are year-level specific, we encourage Year 7 - Year 12 (K09-K12) parents to attend all general sessions.

GSIS University Counselling External Events
We offer a variety of online and in-person university events. For upcoming events, please click here.
Separately, we also organize D-A-CH events for our students, please stay tuned for updates.

Our students have lots of questions about the next stage of their education. It’s our job to provide them with the information and support needed to make the right choices as these have a direct impact on their future university course and career opportunities.Claire WilkinsHead of University Guidance, English International Stream

Making decisions about life after GSIS can seem both daunting and exciting. Whether students are heading for university, business college or straight into an apprenticeship or career, we support them to help them find their way ahead.Dr. Lennart JentschHead of Careers and University Guidance, German International Stream

We are committed to ensuring that the students are aware of the breadth of opportunities available to them and feel supported to pursue excellence in their chosen fields.Beatrice UgoliniUniversity Guidance Counsellor, English International Stream