2019 Cohort Scholarships

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

GSIS is justly proud of our reputation for academic success but a GSIS education provides more than academic results alone. We maintain strong links with a wide range of universities around the world and actively encourage students to apply for courses that suit their interests, abilities and career ambitions. GSIS students are known by these institutions not only for their academic strength, but for their ability to challenge, participate actively and explore a wide variety of interests and ideas.

This year, yet again, we are immensely proud that 100% of our English International Stream moved on to universities around the world. A significant number of students moved to institutions in the Russell Group, Ivy League and top Hong Kong universities to study highly competitive courses for Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Veterinary Science and Economics to name but a few.

This year, we are also immensely proud to be celebrating five of our 2019 graduates who were honoured with and awarded highly competitive and sought after scholarships.


Awarded to Arista (Law, Trinity College, Oxford)
The Jardine Foundation offers qualified students from Asia full scholarships to study at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The goal is to develop future leaders who will give back to the communities where the Group operates.


Awarded to Misha (Harvard College), Lucy (UC Berkeley) and Kinsey (UC Berkeley)
This scholarship supports outstanding local students to pursue studies in world renowned universities outside Hong Kong.


Awarded to Jocelyn (Medicine, Lee Ka Shing School of Medicine, University of Hong Kong)
President’s Scholars receive a HKU tuition fee waiver as well as guaranteed study abroad opportunities with overseas learning scholarships up to HK$200,000. Partner institutions include Yale, Harvard and Oxford.