IB Theatre Performance: “A Stolen Life” - Deutsch-Schweizerische Internationale Schule 德瑞國際學校

IB Theatre Performance: “A Stolen Life”

23. März 2016 Drama, Sekundarstufe

Retracing the life of Jaycee Lee Dugard, a girl who was kidnapped and held hostage by a couple in California, IB Drama students, Nichole, Yiqing, Audrey and Heidi presented a haunting yet powerful performance for their final project. The girls explored and portrayed the inner struggles and fear of Jaycee, her mother and kidnappers in this 20-minute drama with distinct facial expressions and body language.

Incorporating dance, silhouette movements and minimal music, our IB Drama students were able to use their exceptional acting abilities to fill the Black Box Theatre with an atmosphere of tension and chilling thrills.

It was a very well-acted piece of drama that conveys an emotional message to the audience and we would like to congratulate our students on their outstanding performance!

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