• HKD 2,350 per student* (non-refundable) for Kindergarten
  • HKD 3,700 per student* (non-refundable) for Primary and Secondary Departments
  • The application fee should be paid online using your credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Further instructions will be provided upon contacting the Admissions Department.

Application Fee covers the following services: Online application processing, and review and screening of application information and documents.
* Approved by the Education Bureau in October 2017

  • HKD 4,300 per student (non-refundable)
  • Once an assessment appointment is scheduled, the assessment fee should be paid online using the payment system as above.
  • Please note that all assessed papers are kept confidential. They remain the property of GSIS and will not be released to any party.
School Fees for 2020-20211

ClassesHKD pa1st Installment
2nd Installment
Autopay Monthly
(x 10 months)
Primary** (DVOR2, K01 – K05, Y01 – Y06)**161,45096,87064,58016,145
Secondary** (K06 – K10, Y07 – Y11)192,420115,45276,96819,242
Secondary** (K11 – K12+, Y12 – Y13)203,420122,05281,36820,342

The information contained herein and in the related documents may be changed from time to time by the German Swiss International School Association Limited.

1 Books and art materials are included in school fees. The cost of class trips, school bus fees and fees for Afternoon Activities are excluded.
2 DVOR: Deutsche Vorschule
** Tuition fees approved by Education Bureau

School fees can be paid via the following options:

  1. Online banking: Bill Type 01, Merchant Name: Please search "German Swiss International School" or "The German Swiss Int'l School Association Ltd", Merchant Code: 8072
  2. Direct deposit: HSBC A/C No.: 004-741-106397-001, A/C name: The German Swiss International School Association Ltd. Please send remittance advice along with student name and GSIS invoice number to finance@gsis.edu.hk
  3. Monthly autopay: please contact Mr. Raymond Keung at finance@gsis.edu.hk
  • School fees are payable at the beginning of each half-year
    (first half-year: September to February, second half-year: March to June).
  • Reduction of school fees is possible for qualified applicants determined by a means test. For newly enrolled children no reduction will be possible in the first year of attendance at school. Visit https://mygsis.gsis.edu.hk/aboutus/financial-info/reduction-of-school-fees/ for more information.
  • No reduction in school fees will be made for any absence.