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Campuses and Facilities

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In 1969, GSIS first opened its doors to 73 students in a house at 1 Barker Rd, The Peak. In view of growing student numbers, the school relocated some or all of its classes multiple times until 1975 when the school was able to open its first school building on Guildford Road. Today the Peak campus comprises three buildings, including the Upper Building, Middle Building and Lower Building.

Pok Fu Lam campus is the permanent home of GSIS's Early Years Classes (Kindergarten & DVOR/Y01).

  • Pick-Up Times for Students

    To ensure the safety and security of our students at the Pok Fu Lam campus, we have authorised a strict mandatory bus policy.

    In order to make sure that this is a smooth procedure, we ask for your support and understanding: thank you.

    Students may be picked up from the school but only in exceptional circumstances.

    If you do need to collect your child from school, please e-mail your child’s teacher and the school secretary.

    This must be done a minimum of one day in advance.

    Meanwhile, children who are waiting for their parents will be supervised in a classroom until 12:50 pm when all the buses have departed.

    Please pick up your child from the school entrance at 12:50 pm

  • Play Dates after School

    We regret that we are unable to permit students to travel on alternative bus routes at 12:30 pm to accommodate their play dates.

    This is the result of the restricted boarding area at Pok Fu Lam and to secure the safety of the boarding procedure for the students, as they are systematically supervised onto the waiting buses.

  • Visitor Badges

    We ask all visitors to register at the school entrance and ask one of our security staff to issue a visitor's pass.
  • Typhoon Warnings

  • School Buses

    Please note that there is a mandatory school bus policy for all students attending the Pok Fu Lam campus.
    Click here for bus information.
There is no parking available at the Pok Fu Lam Campus and there is a mandatory school bus policy in effect for students.