I/GCSE Examination Results

Congratulations to all our Year 11 graduates who have performed fantastically well in their I/GCSE examinations!

As a school, we have achieved another 100% pass rate with 95% of those grades A*/A or 9 - 7 (the Edexcel equivalents of an A*/A). Fifty-two (75%) of our Year 11 students achieved A* or A grades or Edexcel equivalent in all their subjects, which is an exceptional statistic. These are truly outstanding results and match the School's best-ever results that were achieved last year. However, this year's results are particularly impressive as the examination boards have returned their mark boundaries to pre-pandemic levels.

The following fourteen students achieved “straight A*s” (or equivalent in Edexcel) in all their I/GCSE subjects:
Ryan, Edith, Emily, Julian, Alysha, Amie, Andria, Rachael, Tanusha, Mengyang, Chloe, Chloe, Ava and Nathan

Of course, these results do not just generate themselves so we must acknowledge the dedication and tireless support from all of our teachers who delivered the I/GCSE courses and prepared the students so well for their final examinations. There is also a range of pastoral and support staff who have provided ongoing academic and social-emotional guidance for many of our students over their time in upper secondary.

Congratulations to all on another superb achievement for the School!

Simon Misso-Veness
Deputy Principal
Head of English International Stream