New Teacher Spotlight: Veronika Fehse

1. Could you introduce yourself a bit (background & role at GSIS)?

My name is Veronika Fehse, I come from the South of Germany, near the border of Switzerland and France. Before I moved to Hong Kong I lived in a little village with my husband and our four, now adult children. So this is why we decided to come to Hong Kong – a big city with a lot of nature, and cultural exchange. At GSIS I’m music teacher (head of music GSD) and also German - and class teacher in K05A.

2. We are very excited to have you join our GSIS community. What are you looking forward to the most this year?

I’m looking forward to practicing music with all students in all class levels and I hope that the covid restrictions will soon end, so that we can perform live concerts and events to bring together and rejoice the GSIS-community. Performing is developing your own personality and music is a language that everyone understands without words.

3. Can you tell us more about your previous working experience?

Before GSIS I have worked 12 years at a small secondary school, where I was also the head of music and class teacher. We performed many concerts with different ensembles and each year we had a big musical project (choir, orchestra, theatre). But also out of school I took part or led myself in several ensembles (chamber choir, church choir, brass ensemble, church band).

4. Where did you grow up and how was your schooling experience?

I grew up in a musician's home – my parents and also my two sisters and my brother are musicians. My father is a conductor, pianist and organist, so from a young age I became familiar with choir and piano. At my school there was a good choir and I also studied flute and I was also conducting, singing and teaching music at school. Further instruments I love to play are trombone and recorder.

5. Our community at GSIS is very excited to meet you. Do you have any words to share with them?

Thank you all for the warm welcome at GSIS and I look forward to meeting everyone in person (hiking tours…) and to share many different music activities at school.