Careers Day 2019

On Tuesday, May 14, GSIS, once again, had the pleasure of welcoming a mix of alumni and parents onto campus to give talks to our K09, K11, Y10 and Y12 students about the world of work and life after GSIS.

Our speakers, including our keynote speaker, Dr Susanne Theisen, represented different industries spanning between Marketing, Finance, Design, Journalism, Medicine, Law, Engineering, Consulting and Entrepreneurship. While some speakers represented the same industries, all of them had vastly differing insights into their own careers, showing our students that there is not a single set path to success, but that there can be bumps and turns along the way. Have a look here at a guest blog post by Lars Mähler from First Page.

Overall this was a successful afternoon, with both students and speakers gaining valuable insights into the others mindset and aspirations.

A big thanks goes to all our speakers for taking the time out of their day to make a impact in the lives of our students!

If the 21st Century’s explosion of technology tells us anything, it’s that the digital world is here to stay. This is an incredibly exciting time to be starting a career, as the ground is ripe with an abundance of different choices to explore.

Digital marketing is a rising star in the industry. With more people going online to search for information and products than ever before, the shifting trends in online behaviour have completely changed the face of advertising.

Recently, GSIS hosted an event where First Page, one of Hong Kong’s leading digital agencies, gave insights on what makes a career in digital marketing such a promising prospect. Read on to learn more!

What’s Digital Marketing All About?

At its core, digital marketing is about creating and implementing a strategy to create and develop a brand’s identity online. This helps them foster engagement with their target market and get more sales through a variety of methods.

From web design, to content writing, and getting more website clicks from search engines, a digital strategy consists of a whole family of techniques, but search engines are at the heart of it all.

We’ve all used Google before. With 3.8 million searches per minute, each search conducted is a new opportunity to engage with potential customers. So how do digital marketing professionals actually make this happen?

A Career in Digital Strategy

Innovative. Analytical. Collaborative. These three words describe the traits of a champion Digital Strategist. These professionals work closely with companies and entities to gain greater traction online, formulating strategies that differ for every client.

Because a Digital Strategist is involved in the sales process, the role is very people-focused. Digital Strategists gain an incredible grasp on human psychology as well as the full suite of digital marketing methods.

First Page Digital are a pioneering digital marketing agency in Hong Kong with global connections. With data-based strategies and achieving real-world results for clients at the centre of their mission, the First Page team are squarely at the forefront of the digital marketing industry in the area.

Make A Real Impact

The best part of a career in digital marketing is to help businesses and the people behind them achieve greater success online. If this sounds good to you, there has never been a better time to consider a career in digital marketing.

Lars Mähler
First Page