GSIS Team claims victory at the 14th Senior World Schools’ Debate Championships! - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校

GSIS Team claims victory at the 14th Senior World Schools’ Debate Championships!

6 October 2017 English Secondary, English Stream, Secondary

Having progressed to the Grand Final, GSIS and Island School team faced off against each other in the last round of debate on the motion “This House would ban legal internships for non-law students” on Tuesday, 26 September. The debate was judged by a panel of experts headed by the Hong Kong Schools Debating and Public Speaking Community’s patron the Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma.

Before the highly-anticipated debate, Chief Justice Ma gave some words of encouragement, advising the debaters to enjoy the moment and to build rapport with the audience.

Putting the Chief Justice’s tips into action, both teams argued convincingly, resulting in a tough match and close decision among the panel of judges. Debating from the opposition, the GSIS team argued freedom of choice for students and companies, hiring based on skill-sets, open competition and more. On the proposing side, the Island School team focused on limited internship availability, familiarity with the law, and superior productivity of students with a legal background, as well as the discriminatory element of connections.

As the debaters fought for their cases, GSIS parents, friends from Island School, and friends of debating in Hong Kong were present to give their moral support. Ian Wu, GSIS alumnus and former Hong Kong representative at the World Debating Championships also came to cheer for the GSIS team.

After a gruelling two-hour debate, the panel judges ruled in favour of the GSIS team and deemed them to be the winner of the 14th Senior World Schools’ Debate Championships. Misha (Y12), the Team Captain, also received the Best Speaker award. Congratulations and great job to Misha (Y12), Melissa (Y11), and Uma (Y11) for your outstanding performances!

We would also like to thank Mrs Butchart for her years of hard work with our Debating Team and Matthew (Y13), the current GSIS Debate Captain for organising this entire senior tournament together with Co-Captain Rachel Lee (Y12) and their team of prefects and debaters. Matthew’s marvellous job as the MC ensured the evening ran smoothly and ended on the high we had hoped for.