Engaging in healthy arguments and sharing different viewpoints on a subject are great ways in developing logic and eloquence. In the beginning of February, Tim Wagner, the founder of “Jugend debattiert” (Youth Debate) held a week-long workshop with our GSD students on the art of debating and speech.

“We need to do something so that students can discuss political topics,” said Herr Tim Wagner. “So that they can develop their own arguments and learn how to listen well.”

Herr Wagner started out with simple yet practical simulations such as self-introduction, holding a posture, and round table Q&A. Through these practices, students learned about the structure of debate and were able to organise their arguments into coherent points upon listening to the opinions of others. After every exercise, Herr Wagner would also ask students to give each other constructive feedback, presenting opportunities for them to learn from their peers.

“I really liked all the practical experience,” said Felix, a K09 student. “We also had a chance to debate with Herr Wagner, who then of course gave professional answers and he really showed us what to do during a debate.”

One of the main highlights is the final debate at the end of the workshop, with four students from K09 and K10 debating on the topic of “Should Mobile Phones Be Banned at GSIS.” From the opening statement, the rebuttal period, to the closing statement, our four students displayed great stance in their rhetoric and speaking while two students and teachers judged their performance.

Thank you Herr Wagner for hosting this insightful and practical workshop for our students, and for letting us understand the benefits of a healthy debate in our modern society.