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Financing Studies

Students whose parents or relatives can offer little of no support may be eligible for funding from external institutions. Below you will find a list of institutions that offer funding for selected students.

Online scholarships from support university individual students during their studies and their career planning and establish contacts with well-known companies.

By offering students without the necessary financial resources a consistent and reliable source of funding throughout their studies, Deutsches Studentenwerk aims to make it easier for prospective students to take up studying.

This is a private web page offering information on financing studies, insurances, BAföG (Germany's Federal Education Assistance Act)

The Kfw Development Bank supports personal training and professional development by offering loans to students as a way of financing their living costs.

State universities in North Rhine-Westphalia charge tuition fees amounting to a maximum of 500 euros per semester. To pay their fees, students can apply for a tuition fee loan from North Rhine-Westphalia. They should apply to their bank for a degree course leading to a first qualification for entry into a profession.

In addition to financial support in accordance with the Germany's Federal Education Assistance Act (BAföG), students can apply for a loan through the education loan programme offered by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. This low-interest fixed-term training loan is available to support students in advanced phases of training.

The German Academic Exchange Service helps international students with their tuition fees.