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Counselling Services

Counselling can be described as a process of guidance and assistance whereby a trained professional, a counsellor, helps and supports personal, social or psychological problems and difficulties. Counselling may be a one-time occurrence or an on-going process, depending on what is suited to the person in need. Counselling sessions may occur one-to-one or in small groups.

Besides counselling, prevention and information about challenging topics like peer pressure, conflict solving strategies is a key area of our School Counselling Team.  As well we address year group related topics which are suitable for each individual class when it is needed.

At GSIS, every student’s wellbeing, happiness and safety is of paramount importance to us.  While strong academic foundations are core to GSIS’s educational philosophy, pastoral care is an integral part of school life and our holistic approach encourages everyone to work together to bring out the best in each other.  Whether your child needs a shoulder to cry on, advice and support or just a friendly ear, our caring, experienced and approachable Counselling Team are always available to comfort, guide and support.

We know that when our students are happy and feel emotionally supported, they enjoy school life and excel at everything they do which is why developing our students within a warm, supportive school community is central to our core values.  We encourage our students to understand and appreciate themselves and through our systems and support structures, we provide an opportunity for each student to thrive and develop.  

In the Kindergarten and Primary years, our Counselling Team strive to identify concerns early on and provide timely help.  Our aim is to equip our students with tools and skills in the areas of empathy, problem solving and self-awareness so that they are empowered to handle current and future challenges. 

In the Secondary years, we make sure our students feel supported to achieve their maximum potential whilst managing expectations and set-backs. We encourage students to be resilient and help find ways of dealing with issues ranging from pressure, loneliness, and anxiousness. 

We support students to become resilient, independent and caring individuals well-equipped to handle challenges they may face in and outside of school. We work collaboratively to serve the students and community of GSIS and welcome any inquiries, big or small.

School Counsellors

For English speaking students
(Kindergarten and Primary):

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Learn more about Paige

For English or German speaking students


School Counsellor
Work Phone: 2825-8189
Learn more about Jeanette

For English or Cantonese speaking students

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For German speaking students


School Counsellor Primary and Kindergarten German Int. Stream
Schulsozialarbeiterin Grundschule und Kindergarten Deutscher Int. Zweig
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For English speaking students


School Counsellor
Learn more about Laura

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you with personal issues and stress in school life. In addition there are many other challenging situations in life students should not be dealing with just by themselves. Please seek the support of adults. We are available to listen to you and to find solutions together with you.

We also join class periods and speak with students and staff about drug education, bullying and cyber bullying.

Students are welcome to talk to us if they experience stress with friends, get bullied, are anxious about their grades or are not feeling well in school. Students talk to us if there are questions and worries raised about love, sexuality, addictions, and anxious feelings about the future or worry about friends. Let’s talk!

Nobody! We provide advice in confidence. Only if it is necessary, we will enlist outside professional advice and support. However, no action will be taken without you knowing. We will always tell you beforehand if we consider to enlist third party help.

Here is an anonymous example:

A teenage girl told us that recently her friend has almost eaten nothing and lost a lot of weight. Quite often she skips gym classes because of her lack of physical power. The girl who came to us, is afraid that her friend might be anorexic.

This sort of information we cannot keep to ourselves. We must try to find out whether the student's health is at risk or not. We probably need to contact the girl herself, we may also speak with the class teacher or the parents of the girl.
The girl who has entrusted me with heir concerns, will be informed of what steps we are considering taking. 

Whenever we need to consider other people, we will inform the affected children and young people about it.

Jeanette Geisel
You can always drop into my office. Especially during break times I am usually in my office:

  • Monday - Friday 7.30 - 16.00, Middle Building, Room M604
  • Direct telephone: (852) 2825 8189
  • Email:


Tanya Lau

  • Monday - Friday 10.00 - 14.00, Lower Building, Room LL09
  • Direct telephone: (852) 2825 8156
  • Email:

Useful telephone numbers in Hong Kong:

  • Youth Hotline for Young People in Hong Kong:   27 77 88 99
  • 24 hours Suicide Prevention Services Hotline:     23 82 0000
  • The Samaritans Suicide Prevention Service:         28 96 0000

Counselling services

St. Johns Counselling Service:
Suite 7/D - 7th Floor - On Hing Building
1 - 9 On Hing Terrace
Central - Hong Kong

Telephone: (852) 2525 7207/08
Fax: (852) 2524 2777

Resources – The Counselling Centre
23/F, Li Dong Building, 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central, Hong Kong
Tel. (852) 2523 8979 Fax (852) 2845 7352

Mind Matters 2575 7707 Dr Melanie Bryan
Student Health Service/Health Department
Samaritans 2896 0000
Mental Health Association
Social Welfare Department
2343 2255
Government Websites with a lot of useful links
KELY support
Athabasca University Mastering exam anxiety - relaxation techniques
The Hong Kong Society of Counseling and Psychology Whats App hotlines
6218 1084
9238 3400
Suicide Prevention Center 2382 0000
Hong Kong Free Press guide to mental health services in HK
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Talking about Sexting
The consequences of sexting:
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