Josefa Christina Luise Warburg

Having lived in Hong Kong for 20 years, I am a German national from Hamburg, married to an English husband and we have a 12 year old son.

In March 2017 I have joined the Board of the GSIS Association Ltd. and chaired the Parents’ Committee for 2 years. Since March 2019 I am working on the Board in various roles.

I am dedicated to making a positive impact on our children’s education in the international environment of our school community while strengthening every child’s individuality. Our children and their well-rounded cutting-edge education at GSIS should always be the center of our attention and work efforts. This means constant reviewing and establishing strategic direction of the School into the future. I am a passionate advocate for a strong and balanced governance structure enabling all stakeholders to equally participate in the decision-making process.

I am standing for a strong School Community where we welcome the many opportunities the cultural diversity of GSIS entails and encourage support from parents of all racial, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Born and raised in Hamburg, I attended the Universities of Oxford, Heidelberg, Taipei and Hamburg where I gained both a Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Law and Sinology. I then worked in the field of Waste Management and Recycling before moving to Hong Kong in 1999 and setting up my own company. I owned a Business Development Company advising clients on Sustainability and setting up their businesses in Hong Kong. I am an avid environmentalist.

I have taken up roles in a number of charitable organizations and foundations in the past such as at Mother’s Choice in Hong Kong, as a member of the board of The German-Chinese Association of Jurists in Hamburg, as a Public Relation Officer for The Federal Republic of Germany, Inter Nationes in Bonn, and as an English teacher at Hsin-Chuang Kindergarten in Taipei.

Being immersed into the Chinese and Hong Kong culture in my professional role I enjoy being a skilled mediator between different party interests and constructively looking for win-win solutions.

Getting involved by strengthening the school community and providing positive impulses to the further development of GSIS is not only a privilege but also a responsibility which I take very seriously.