Mark Shuper

As a member of the GSIS community for nearly a decade, it would be my privilege to have your support in joining the Board of the GSIS Association.

In many respects, I believe my family background itself reflects the diversity of our School: an ethnic Ukrainian, born and raised in Canada to parents born in Germany, married to a UK-educated Hong Kong Chinese, and resident here in HK for all but two of the last 26 years.

Arriving in Hong Kong initially as a young investment banker, I first built a 20-year career in finance:  as a Managing Director and Head of Global Telecom Research for Morgan Stanley, and then as an M&A advisor to Newscorp and the Asian venture capital arm of The Chernin Group.

Reflecting my own mother, grandmother and aunt’s backgrounds as teachers, however – and branching me back toward a childhood aspiration of community service – since 2012 I have run an education NGO co-founded by my wife and me: The Sprouts Foundation.  Sprouts aims to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty among low-income students in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia, with our eight programs serving well over 2,000 impoverished children in any given week.

Closer to GSIS, with many years of heavy involvement at the School – on our Finance Committee for five years; as a KPR for two; a football and hockey coach ever since my children’s days in GSIS Primary (now in Y10 and Y09); and most recently as an appointed director for the GSIS Foundation – I believe my background can serve all communities at GSIS toward a strong and sustainable future.