Anthony Huang

My name is Anthony Huang, I grew up in Nigeria and graduated from City University of London with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours Degree).

I started my career within Citibank Private Banking in London.

In 1994, I started Synoco Group providing strategic marketing activities to Fortune 500 companies and also within the luxury brand segment on a global level.

In addition, I am the CEO of Tanxin Capital looking at M&A activities and Venture Capital for Techfin startups.

Tanxin Sports and Entertainment was started as a result of my involvement with Formula 1, with one of the top teams. The company focuses on IP and content management.

Currently, I have 2 sons attending GSIS; my eldest is enrolled in K04 and my youngest is attending DVOR, both in the German Stream, as my wife grew up in Munich. Both children have benefited tremendously from GSIS.

I became involved with the GSIS PCC (now
“Parents@GSIS”) in 2017, which has proven to be rewarding to be able to participate and contribute to the betterment of both community and the school. Given its new format, I believe the Parents@GSIS have more involvement with the parent and kids and most important is to reach out to the Hong Kong community as such.

In March 2018 I joined the GSIS Foundation Board and hopefully can extend the same energy and value to the GSIS Association Board - to enhance its core values and bring more forward thinking ideas to GSIS.