Peter Fuellemann

I am from a Swiss-Chinese family: there are me, a German speaking Swiss, my wife, a French speaking Sino-Swiss born and raised in Shanghai, China. We have two trilingual kids, currently studying at K03&K05 German. As we see how much our kids can benefit from our mixed cultures, our belief in diversity and multicultural inclusion has ever become stronger. Personally, I lived in Switzerland, UK, South Africa, and now together with my family, we enjoy living in Hongkong, a most vibrant place thanks to its openness and intercultural exchanges across its population.

Despite its size, Switzerland has long enjoyed high ranking as a very competitive economy, which is well-known for its ability of adaptation and innovation. Fundamentally, Swiss Education has and is playing a vital role to maintain the source for that innovation. Personally, I followed the classical Swiss curriculum, and hold a Master Degree from the University of St. Gallen.

Career wise, I am heading the Property & Casualty Business Operations at Swiss Reinsurance Company for the Asia Region. Over my almost two decades with the firm, I held numerous strategic and operational leadership positions across the group. Since 2018, I have been an active member of the GSIS Finance Committee.

Given the ever increasing complexity of our world, what are the skill sets that our kids should master to thrive? My wife and I have kept asking …and we believe, GSIS, with no exception, must adopt its thinking in teaching to embrace changes while keeping its long-valued tradition, one of which is the “multiculturism”.

With joining the Board, I am committed to bringing in a broader view, and jointly with all stakeholders making GSIS an even better place, creating an environment where students will develop to their highest potential.