Physical Education - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校


Physical Education

The following information is for parents and pupils regarding PE lessons and School Sports Teams.

Please feel free to contact any relevant member of staff by email if you have any further questions about the lessons or team training.

PE lessons are taught in the school from Year 7 to Year 11 . The Year 12 and Year 13 programme is arranged into unit and students are given the option of selecting their activity. At times, classes are conducted outside of the school by service providers at different venues in Hong Kong. PE lessons for K05 – K13 are all taught in school.

School team training will run in the school and at different sporting venues close to the school throughout the year. In some sports the competitions are divided into Senior and Junior leagues, which run at different times of the year. These teams and training sessions are open to students from both Streams.

For students to receive credit on their reports for sports teams and training, 75% attendance is required for training and practices.

In general, team training continues throughout the year and is conducted at school as well as in nearby venues ie Happy Valley.

  • PE Uniform is compulsory for Years 7-11.
  • Students are expected to be punctual and wear the PE uniform during all lessons; this uniform is available from the school shop.
  • If students wish to wear extra clothing in winter, only tracksuits are allowed.
  • Students who participate in hockey lessons/ training are also strongly advised to purchase a mouth guard. Shin guards for hockey/soccer are available at school.
  • Pupils should change their clothing after PE lessons for personal hygiene.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the Sports Hall, however students may bring in water bottles to the lessons.
  • Personal belongings such as mobile phones, wallets should be kept secure. It is suggested that pupils keep all valuables in their lockers before PE classes.
  • Pupils are expected to attend every lesson. If illness or injury prevents this, then a letter from parents/guardian or Doctor is required to be given to the teacher at the start of the lesson.

School teams are selected for participation in Interschool competitions run by the ISSFHK and HKSSF using a grading system. Players are graded according to their age group and students who wish to compete in any HKSSF competition must have a HKSSF student registration card and compete in their appropriate grade.

A Grade: Under 19, date of birth on or after 1 January 2003
B Grade: Under 16, date of birth on or after 1 January 2006
C Grade: Under 14, date of birth on or after 1 January 2008

An elite student may wish to compete in a higher grade, however this means that he/she will have to stay in that grade for the entire year regardless of the competitions entered.

For HKSSF Inter school athletics and swimming competitions, the school selects students who meet the HKSSF minimum standards for each event. Therefore if a student wins an event during Sports Day but his/her time is below the minimum standard set by HKSSF, they may not be selected!

Those students who are selected to join a school team are required to attend all training sessions as well as hold the required HKSSF Student Registration Card. Any student who displays poor sportsmanship either in practice or competition may be dropped from the team.

Due to space restrictions it is difficult at times to offer training sessions for all students who may be interested in basketball for example. In this case the school will offer training to Basketball team members only, however we will offer training sessions for players who are also trying to improve their skills for selection. This will be 'club training' and is open to any interested student.

Please note that for all matches and competitions (except swimming and athletics) transport will be organized by the team coaches and an adult will accompany students on the bus. Buses will not be booked for the return journey back to school.

The Y12 and 13 PE curriculum is a compulsory programme which complements the IB Learner Profile. Students have the opportunity to select different modules during the year.

Lessons are on Thursday in lessons 9+10 (Y12) and Thursday in lessons 5+6 (Y13). Attendance is compulsory and will be monitored closely. Students, who are unable to attend lessons, must provide a doctor’s certificate or a letter from parents/guardian.

Some optional modules such as Yoga, Spin bike and Zumba will incur an extra cost, payable by students.

One unit of Aquatics is compulsory for Yr 12 and Yr 13.