GSIS we put a great deal of emphasis on involvement in extra curricular activities. Such involvement helps students to feel a part of the school community and allows them to develop skills other than the purely academic. Extra curricular activities are also a source of much enjoyment and often, when a student has represented the school, reached a particular goal or simply performed to the best of his/her ability, they can be a source of well-deserved pride. Universities are also aware of the benefits of extra curricular activities, which is why they look for a varied range of interests when they consider applications.

1. Afternoon Activities –Afternoon Activities are designed to complement the curriculum and to offer the students a chance to discover other strength and abilities in addition to their academic skills. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to meet students of both streams and to develop friendships and intercultural understanding. GSIS has successfully offered a wide range of Afternoon Activities to GSIS students for many years.

Afternoon Activities are currently offered for Primary students at our Peak and Pok Fu Lam Campuses only and carry a fee. The programme is divided in two terms each school year and taught by external companies and GSIS teachers.

2. Primary ECA's (Extra-Curricular Activities) - In the primary departments we provide enrichment through a wide range of ECAs that form an integral part of our school programme. These sport and non-sport activities are delivered by our GSIS teachers after the normal school day.

3. GSIS Secondary Sporting Teams and Training. These are competitive sports teams and students sign up initially and then are trialed. Teams with limited spaces will then select an appropriate number of players. Not all students can expect to be accepted. During signup, students need to log in themselves to sign up for these. Ms Wymond is in charge of this area although queries about individual sports should be directed to the teacher in charge. Click here for more information.

4. Secondary ECA’s (extra curricular activities). These are non-sporting activities which are offered in the secondary departments such as debating, gardening, student newspaper etc. They generally take place on Friday afternoons, lunchtimes and after school. The schedule and sign-up information will be available via the Secondary Programme tab below. For more information please contact Susan Hood, Deputy Head, ESD.