The House System - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校


The House System

A Brief Outline Of The System

The house system was introduced at GSIS a number of years ago to foster team and community spirit. It is also an effective way to promote effort and positive social behaviour. It is a fun system which the children enjoy.

All students are allocated to one of four houses. These houses are called:

Students are allocated to the same house as their siblings if applicable. Staff are also allocated to a house. Each house has two Heads of House, who are members of staff and three student House Captains. In the Primary, the House Captains are selected from our older students in the Y06 and K05 classes. Students will remain in their allocated house throughout their time at GSIS.

House Points

House points can be achieved through three main ways:

  1. Through set competitions
    Students participate in various sporting competitions throughout the year. The sports event may vary according to the class year of the student. The points gained by the individual children are added up and a total is found for each house. The house with the most points becomes that competition's champion, eg Sports day champions, swimming gala champions, soccer champions.The points achieved in competitions are also added to the ongoing total of house points that have been achieved though all three ways.
  2. Schoolwork
    Any member of the Primary staff may award students with a house point for schoolwork, which is over and above what is expected of them. They will not be given out freely or awarded for work that is expected from a child. Children must not lose the intrinsic desire to achieve.
  3. Community spirit
    Any member of the Primary staff may award a student with a house point for community spirit over and above what is expected from a student.

House points achieved from schoolwork or community spirit will be recorded in the student's classroom on a chart. The chart is collected weekly. Each week these ongoing totals will be announced to the students.

At the end of the year, the house with the most points will be announced as the House Champions.