Pedagogical Concept German Stream - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校


Pedagogical Concept German Stream

Kindergarten as a place for personal development:

  • Stimulation for intense play: Only a child who is able to play well, interested and longtime will be able an independent learner in school.
  • Encourage independence, own initiative, creativity, social responsibility and emotional competency.
  • Support of the social, emotional, linguistic, motor and sensomotor development.
  • Guidance for a responsible handling with oneself and the environment.
  • Development of social competency, sense and take over responsibility for the community. Take criticism and endure and solve conflicts.
  • Create a harmonious play atmosphere und surrounding where children can feel safe und accepted.
  • Further expand the vocabulary and learn to ask and to differ, to combine, to listen, to imagine und to describe.
  • Convey values and and careful handling of things and nature.
  • Open up a variety of learning opportunities.

Educational Kindergarten areas:

Promotion of basic competencies

Mathematical education

Art educaton

Motoric and health education

Music education

Science and technology education

Language and written language education

Sociocultural and moral education

Awareness education