Kindergarten - German International Stream - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校


Kindergarten – German International Stream

In the German International Stream Kindergarten, we encourage children to be confident and independent learners. We provide them with a broad and balanced curriculum to prepare them for the future, while fostering intercultural learning with German culture and traditions.

We offer different language immersion programmes with bilingualism, multiculturalism and a nurturing environment being at the centre of our Kindergarten’s curriculum. Our students come first and our priority is to deliver an exceptional education within a safe, caring and happy environment. Each child is individual and learns at their own pace. We emphasise on learning through play and follow a child centred and holistic approach.

What will my child’s day look like?

We offer a well balanced mix of teacher-led activities which are shaped around a combination of opportunities to play freely, through which they have many opportunities to speak and listen with others. In the German International Stream, we sincerely believe that this helps develop children’s social and communication skills as well as a dual way of thinking.

How big are the class sizes?

In all three classes, we have a maximum of 20 students per class with mixed age groups from 2.8 to 5 years.

How many teachers in each class?

Each class has a native speaker for both languages.

Does my child need to speak German?

No, we welcome all students regardless of the language spoken at home or their cultural background. Many of our students already have a multilingual family background or have had initial experience with a second language, while others have no second language experience at all. 

Will it be difficult for my child to learn another language?

As adults, we know that learning a foreign language can be difficult. However, learning another language depends on age, and the amount and type of practice your child get. Our bilingual programme is highly successful at achieving this balance, and we understand that every child is unique.

As parents, do we need to speak German?

No. Non-German-speaking families are very welcome and will be able to support their child’s education at GSIS. All our school communications are always provided in German and English, as are parent meetings.

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The German Approach – A Bilingual Education


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