Big Band

The GSIS Big Band has been an institution at the school for many years. Well known for jazz interpretations performed at events like the annual Christmas bazaar, the Big Band is also in demand at many events in Hong Kong.


Many of our students already join the school choir in Primary. Students in K05 to K08 can take part in the cross-stream Junior Choir, which sings at numerous events during the year. From K09, they can join the cross-stream mixed choir.


The school has a very ambitious orchestra, which appears at many school events. New members are always welcome.

Class Trips

There are various excursions and class trips for students during the school year. Of particular note is Discovery Week, a joint project week organized by the German and English Secondary Departments, the China trip in Class 9 and the trip to the Asian region in K11.

Prefect System

Each year teachers and senior students choose about 12 students from Year 13 and Class 11 to act as prefects. The prefects are expected to set an example for the younger students. They participate in many school events, collect money for charity and help their peers in a variety of ways.

Sports Teams

GSIS has a large number of cross-stream sports teams: e.g. basketball, football, rugby, tennis, swimming, hockey, volleyball, squash, table tennis and badminton. Especially our tennis and swimming teams can look back on many successes. In addition to the above-mentioned competitions, GSIS also participates in interschool swimming and track-and-field competitions. For further information on places and times for these activities, please follow this link.

Student Union

Each class elects two representatives to the Student Union. It is their task to represent the class in Assembly and to represent the interests of their class. In their final year, students may stand for election as Presidents of the Student Council.