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Fast Track Programme

What is the Fast Track Programme?

It is an accelerated language learning programme with intensive language support for students new to the German language starting in K06 (Y07).  Students will be part of the GSIS dual-stream community where academic excellence is valued highly, as is hard work and personal achievement. It prepares students to participate in the German International Stream´s  regular bilingual curriculum and our methods rely on structured language immersion and student engagement.

A bilingual education is a sound investment in your child’s academic, social and professional future. Children who have experienced bilingual education gain distinct advantages for their future and this, combined with the world renowned German International Abitur, broadens our students' intellectual, cultural and social horizons.

GSIS is justly proud of our reputation for academic success and irrespective of whether a GSIS student has studied in either our German International or English International Stream, our students are known by universities around the world as having a passion for learning whilst striving for academic excellence. Our aim is for students to leave GSIS with the ability to comprehend and tackle the complexities and challenges which further education and future careers will bring.

What does the German education provide?

It gives each student a base of solid skills and encourages independent, critical thinking, nurtures curiosity and promotes self-confidence.  It encourages students to take initiatives and to become self-sufficient, educated and responsible adults. Academic excellence is valued highly, as is hard work and personal achievement.

What is the German International Abitur (DIA)?

It is an internationally acclaimed and globally recognised qualification which opens doors to the finest universities around the world.  The DIA offers a bilingual, interdisciplinary curriculum that provides students with an excellent foundation in languages, sciences, maths and the arts.

Does GSIS provide an international environment?

Yes.  We firmly believe that our Fast Track Programme within our German International Stream is an ideal preparation for the challenges our students’ will face after school and in a world of social globalisation and the world of work.

We celebrate nearly 30 nationalities within the German International Stream and over 45 schoolwide. There are many opportunities for our students to socialise, collaborate and work with our English International Stream.  Through our multicultural community of students and staff, we promote international understanding within a fully inclusive environment.


Is bilingual education suitable for anyone?

Yes. At GSIS, every child will be individually supported in the German language, irrespective of prior language knowledge.  However, our Fast Track Programme is a rigorous and intensive learning programme, and we therefore recommend that your child can:

  • Tackle the challenge of an intensive language-learning experience
  • Demonstrate above average academic achievement and ability
  • Fulfill their academic potential in order to be able to meet the expectation of top Universities worldwide

As parents, do we need to speak German?

No.  Non-German speaking families are very welcome and will be able to support their child’s education at GSIS.  All our school communications are always provided in both German and English, as are parent meetings.

Is your child able to:

  • Tackle the challenge of an intensive language-learning experience?
  • Demonstrate above average academic achievement and ability?
  • Fulfill their academic potential in order to be able to meet the expectations of top Universities worldwide?

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