GSIS is part of the worldwide German Schools Abroad network, which consists of over 140 schools, governed by the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad (Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen, ZfA) of the German Federal Office of Administrations and teaches to the worldwide highly regarded German educational standards.

In K05 students have the opportunity to try out academic-track learning content and working methods and to qualify for Gymnasium, or to indicate that they are better suited to a vocational-track approach in Realschule/Hauptschule. In this class, particularly close contact with parents is essential in order to ensure they receive information and advice on students’ development, attainment levels and progress in good time. At the end of K05, a decision is taken on which school type students should attend from K06 on.

From K06, internal differentiation is practised. Students at all school types will generally remain in their own class. The school has support systems in place to help new students to adapt and address individual learning needs if required through parallel classes in German, English and Mathematics, catch-up lessons, support and extension classes.