Pedagogical Objectives

The Primary Department has the task of developing children’s varying talents in a joint education programme. Pedagogical work in this department is intended:

  • To encourage children to be self-reliant, independent and self-controlled
  • To support all children according to their abilities
  • To offer cross-disciplinary activities
  • To practise inquiry-based learning, understanding by doing and facilitate exemplary learning experiences
  • To cultivate behaviour patterns and social etiquette which are applicable for life by using the principle of an attachment figure

Due to the special situation in Hong Kong, our school is also faced with the following tasks:

  • Students who leave our school should be able to change to schools in Germany, Switzerland, Austria or any other German school abroad as smoothly as possible.
  • Our students should learn English well enough to be able to get along in Hong Kong and, if they stay longer, they should be able to become properly bilingual.
  • They should experience such feelings of security in school that they can cope emotionally with classmates, friends and acquaintances constantly changing.
  • They should gain so much self-confidence and spirit that they can quickly find their feet in the new environment.

In coordination with the other German schools in Asia, the Primary Department uses core curricula based on the curricula of the state of Thuringia. The Department meets its educational mission by offering special individualised tuition to help children, especially new arrivals, learn successfully in their new living and learning environment.

Children experience their environment emotionally in festivals and projects and by observing German, international and Chinese customs and traditions (St. Martin’s Procession, St. Nicholas’ Day, Carnival, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Divali, the Chinese New Year or the Dragon Boat Festival).

Students in the German Primary Department get to know students from the English Primary Department at general assemblies, at performances and festivals attended jointly, at play in the playground and in games played in the house system, during library hours spent together and occasionally in language lessons.

GSIS students familiarise themselves with new information technologies from Pre-school on. All children have a weekly ICT lesson. In class lessons the new media are used for different aspects of learning and communication.

From K01 on, the students have as many as four periods of English a week with native English speaking teachers from the English Primary Department.

After regular lessons from 12.30 p.m. on, there are not only fee-paying Afternoon Activities but also a wide range of sports and learning opportunities in the areas of music, drama, art, languages and scientific experiments (free of charge.)
Trips and excursions as well as camps strengthen the sense of community and children’s self-awareness. From K04 our students have the opportunity of going to Europe on an annual skiing trip together with students from the English-medium stream.