Language of Communication - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校


Language of Communication

The German Swiss International School in Hong Kong is a school with a large English International Stream and a smaller German International Stream. Most of the parents and staff in the English International Stream do not speak German; in the German International Stream many families will speak English at home.

This situation presents our school with a particular challenge. We use English as a working language in the English International Stream and German in the German International Stream. We are aware that this constitutes a burden upon a number of non-German speaking parents in the German International Stream, and we are trying to minimise the impact it causes. Thus we strive to use both languages to the extent necessary at Parents' Information Days, Parents' Evenings and KPR Meetings. The School has English and German versions available of essential papers and documents.

Where admission and withdrawal is concerned or in written dealings with the School Management and Heads of Departments, again the rule applies that communication will be in English in the English International Stream but in German in the German International Stream. We do, however, ask for your understanding that our teaching and administrative staff are not trained as translators and that our capacities would be overstretched if we were to send out each and every document in English and in German. This applies particularly to reports, testimonials, information from bus companies and Hong Kong authorities and for surveys encompassing the whole school. Should problems of understanding arise, any member of staff or the KPRs will gladly provide assistance. Should there be a need for official translations of, say, reports, we can arrange for them to be done but will have to charge for the service.

For obvious reasons, the school will use English in written communication in areas staffed exclusively by English speakers. This applies among other things to debentures, billing, reminders, remission of school fees and contact with alumni. Should you wish to use German in these areas, please get in touch with our Managing Director.