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GSIS Gazette – Issue #73

11th February 2022

Principal's Column

Dear Members of the School Community

It would be nice if a school could focus on the most important people in the school, the students, as well as applying the most ideal teaching methods.

For quite some time now, we have been forced by a dynamically changing pandemic situation to constantly adapt the form of teaching to new situations and, unfortunately, we cannot put our focus exclusively on the students. Even though our online learning programme is one of the highest standards compared to other schools, we all know that face-to-face learning is the best form of instruction for long-term learning success.

On a positive note, both teachers and students have further advanced their skills in digital learning. This capability will help students immensely in the future to cope with the demands of a digitised world. As a person and a school Principal, I am thrilled to see how even Kindergarten and Primary school children have learned to use digital tools as a meaningful learning channel with the great support of their teachers.

Having said that, I remain divided, as you are, because it is clear to me that social interaction is the basis for a peaceful society.

All teachers are eagerly awaiting the return to normal face-to-face schooling.

Nevertheless, together with the school leadership team I decided last Wednesday to switch back to online classes for the graduating year groups as well. The reasons for this difficult decision were very complex and largely driven by wanting to achieve the best for the entire school community. I would like to thank the parents in particular for their continuous understanding. I believe by supporting the community collectively, it will allow GSIS to grow together in unity.

In agreement with all our departments, we will continue online classes for all year groups next week. Due to the sharp increase in infection numbers and staff absences associated with group testing, this is the only reliable form of learning at this time.

As usual, teachers will deliver the best possible lessons online with the support of our entire administrative team and especially the IT department. 

My sincere thanks also go once again to the GSIS Board of Directors, who have been paying close attention to the needs of the school community and supporting the school management to the best of their ability.

My biggest thanks, however, go to our students, who are truly outstanding.

We stand together and are there for each other.

With optimistic regards

Dr Dirk Bennhardt

Schoolwide News

University Guidance: Upcoming Event (External)

The following event is suitable and available to all students and parents of students in Y10-Y12 and K09-K11:


Pioneer Academics has been the exclusive provider of accredited online research opportunities for high school students since 2012.

The Pioneer Research Program provides undergraduate-level research opportunities to talented, intellectually motivated high school students from around the world. It is the only online credit-bearing research program for high school students that offers STEM, social sciences and humanities disciplines. In the program, selected students work one-on-one with leading U.S. university professors in advanced study and research of a topic of their interest, culminating in a full-length research paper. The program is conducted entirely online, allowing high school students from all over the world to participate.

Pioneer’s 2022 Summer Research Term final deadline for application is 10 April 11:59pm U.S. Eastern Time (11 April 11:59am HKT).

Attending an online information session is the best way for prospective students to learn more about the Pioneer Research Program.

Registration requires Pioneer’s confirmation, and we will send you the instructions to attend once we confirm your spot in the session. In order to make sure you receive the instructions, please be sure to check your email in the next few days (including your spam folder).

Parents are allowed to join the info session with their children from the same device. It is important that parents include their children’s information for priority deadline consideration.


Claire Wilkins
Head of University Guidance

Beatrice Ugolini
University Guidance Counsellor

GSIS Student Newspaper

Happy Chinese new year! Welcome to the 2022 New Years edition of the GSIS student newspaper. We hope 2022 has been off to a good start so far and that your New Year’s resolutions are progressing well.

The members of the student newspaper have been working diligently on their New Years' article for this edition. We were planning to publish a Christmas edition, but due to complications, this could not be done. So we have combined the now completed Christmas articles into this edition. We hope that you enjoy them!


The Student Odyssey Team

German International Stream

Kindergarten Corner

Departmental News and Announcements

No updates / announcements this week

Primary Corner

Departmental News and Announcements

No updates / announcements this week

Secondary Corner

Departmental News and Announcements

No updates / announcements this week

English International Stream

Kindergarten Corner

Departmental News and Announcements

No updates / announcements this week

Primary Corner

Departmental News and Announcements

No updates / announcements this week

Secondary Corner

Departmental News and Announcements

No updates / announcements this week

Student Achievements & Initiatives

Copperstone Jewellery - raising funds for Armenia

Soracha (Y11 Student)

Hello, I’m Soracha, a Y11 student. I’m raising money for the ArmeniaFund through selling jewellery on my online jewellery store, Copperstone Jewellery. I was approached by my friends who felt the desire to give back and help their loving community after the recent conflict in Armenia.
Often the Artsakh Conflict and Armenian Genocide are forgotten, yet these events should not be brushed aside. As well as raising money to help those caught in the crossfire, awareness is undoubtedly key. I encourage you to learn more and support the cause!50% of our January and February sales from this collection will be donated to the ArmeniaFund to provide relief funds for the Artsakh Conflict and Armenian Genocide.Should you just want to donate, please donate through the ArmeniaFund website!Facebook: Copperstone JewelleryInstagram: @the.copperstone,,

(Click thumbnail/s to enlarge image)

Global Initiatives -Laptops for Charity

Julia Surman (Global Initiatives Coordinator)

In light of the current online schooling situation in HK, the Global Initiatives Committee are collecting laptops for redistribution to refugee charities, for them to pass on to students in need of a learning device. We are collecting 2nd hand laptops and ipads with chargers; they should be 'wiped'/cleaned and functioning fully. If you are able to drop them off at the reception of the Lower Building, 22 Guildford Road then we would be very grateful. We are aiming to donate them by the end of next week, 18th February.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

Wellbeing Corner

Positive thoughts not only makes us feel better, but they also support the development of our self-confidence. Problems that are approached with a positive attitude can often be solved with less effort.

Positive things happen every day and these need to be remembered rather than ignored. This does not mean that we ignore the less pleasant situations in life. Negative experiences such as disappointments or anger are also part of life. However, it is important that we don't let them overshadow, but learn to deal with them.

What can we do to avoid investing too much energy in negative thoughts at the moment? One way is to try to turn negative thoughts into positive ones:

  • I don't have enough energy for the online phase anymore, for example.
    • I don't enjoy it, but I do my best.
    • I have accomplished a lot in the past and I will get the rest done
  • It is hard to communicate with others.
    • I will ensure to keep in touch with my friends and colleagues
  • The situation will never change again.
    • I  will not give up and hope that it will get better soon.

If you need more support in transforming your thoughts, we are always here for you.

Your School Counsellors

Highlights of the Week

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