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GSIS Gazette – Issue #33

20th November 2020

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Positive Education

Dear Parents

‘The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.’

Peggy O’Mara

KPR Meetings
A core feature of school leadership to establish a meaningful and trusted partnership with parents and our KPR system provides an excellent forum for honest dialogue. We are very grateful to the parents who give of their time to coordinate the myriad concerns that will inevitably arise as part of school life. We see this is very much as a collaborative relationship and wish it to remain so. Thank you to all the KPR Secretaries who attended the Kindergarten and EPD Meetings last week; I’m looking forward to the ESD KPR meeting next week.

EIS Curriculum continuity
The curriculum in the EPD shifted its focus last year to a more inquiry-based approach that is designed to promote deep learning and mastery. This shift appears to have led to some concern amongst parents about students’ readiness for the secondary curriculum. One of our core aims this year is to review the curriculum continuity at the point of transition between Year 6 and Year 7, a process which will extend to the preparation and progression of students in the earlier primary years.

I will be working with subject & curriculum leaders from secondary and primary departments over the coming months to ensure there is a clear understanding about the continuity of our curriculum as we ensure that our Year 6 students are academically prepared for Year 7. This is not just in terms of knowledge, skills and understanding but also in terms of self-management, self-regulation, resilience and motivation, essential skills for learning. We have a great belief in our programme, from Kindergarten through to the IB Diploma, and wish to continue to support students to achieve high standards as we know that this meets the aspirations of our students and the expectations of our parents.

Positive Education
Working towards this high achievement, surrounded by high expectations, may induce anxiety and stress amongst students, which will have an impact on their wellbeing. Young people cannot function effectively if they are not feeling good about themselves or their work. They may be able to continue temporarily if they bottle things up but this will overflow at some point; we want to avoid this eventuality by providing early support and intervention as well as teaching about self-management and resilience. Our staff are highly attuned to children’s wellbeing and we have specialist staff in the school to help support anyone who might want to talk things through. There is a structured, coordinated Personal, Social Education (PSE) programme throughout the English International Stream that is focused on the needs of children from exploring what friendship looks like in the primary department to consent education and digital citizenship in secondary. Susan Hood, our Deputy Head: Pastoral, will be leading the launch of a Positive Schools initiative this year based on successful programmes grounded in the work of Martin Seligman and the Positive Schools Institute based at Geelong Grammar School, Australia. A great deal of work has already begun around this approach and we will be bringing this together over the coming months.

Have a great week ahead.

Simon Misso-Veness
Deputy Principal / Head of English International Stream

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