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Introduction of new staff members in the GSD

26th August 2019

Torsten Indrich

Hello everybody! My name is Torsten Indrich. Although I love sports like kitesurfing and mountain biking, I don’t teach PE but Geography, Maths, Computer Science and General Science in the German international stream. I was born in Germany and now I am excited to be part of this amazing school community, to get to know all of you, to work but also to learn with you. I’m also looking forward to exploring this fabulous city as well as south east Asia together with my wife and two children since we love travelling.

Rafael Mariaca

Hello, I am from Switzerland and I am the new Music teacher in the German International Stream. My main instrument is the electric guitar. After more than 15 years as successful Music and Instrumental Teacher, I am looking forward to exciting new challenges at GSIS. I will teach Music in the German Primary Department and in the German Secondary Department. In addition I will be leading ECAs and ensembles in both streams, eg Rock School, Acoustic Guitar Ensemble, Electric Bass and Electric Guitar Ensemble in the Secondary Department and the Ukulele Ensemble in the Primary Department. I am looking forward to receiving many registrations for the ECAs and I am excited to meet all of my students very soon!

Dr Karsta Rautenberg

Hello, my name is Dr Karsta Rautenberg and I will teach Art and French in the German Secondary Department. I am also Deputy Class Teacher in K07.

I have a big family, but for now only my 14-year-old daughter Käthe and I moved to Hong Kong from Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. We are very excited to have the opportunity to work and study at GSIS. In Germany I taught at a Vocational High School and at a Comprehensive School. In addition, I taught at a vocational training school.

I studied in Germany (Greifswald, Rostock) and France (Lille). I also completed my doctorate in Greifswald.

During holidays I enjoy travelling with my family through France. We also love reading and cooking together. I am very excited to meet all students and their parents and hope to share my passion for Art and French with them.

Susan Rötsch

My name is Susan Rötsch, I am 29 years old and I have lived in Hong Kong since February.

I grew up in Germany in a small village called Poltersdorf, which is famous for its great countryside and vineyards. I love great food, meet up with friends and explore Hong Kong's hiking trails and beaches on weekends. I also enjoy water sports and tennis.

Before moving to Hong Kong, I lived in Koblenz, Germany, where I worked as a special needs teacher at a primary school and at a special needs school. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work here at GSIS in Hong Kong. In my role as new special needs teacher in the German Secondary Department, I provide student support and assist teachers in class.

I am looking forward to an exciting school year and good cooperation with you as GSIS parents.