DSA Programm – Samuel

Samuel, a K12 student, spent his Summer break in Germany at the Deutsche Schüler Akademie.


About the DSA
The DSA is an enrichment program for students finishing K10 and K11, where the students must be appointed to the school.

DSA Loccum
During the program which occurs in mid-July, participants learn about, study and conduct research on one particular subject, where they will also have to present their ideas and write a scientific report about the topic. There were 4 subjects offered in total: Digital Forensic, Perspectives: Human - Forest, Are we able to speak European? and Indo-Pacific Politics.

Course 8.3

As I have a passion for languages, I decided to choose the topic: "Are we able to speak European?" We learnt about what factors influence a language and how planned languages (such as Esperanto) could help to achieve it. We also had the opportunity to listen to a talk from Marcos Cramer, a specialist in Esperanto.

Leisure Activities
Besides Course 8.3 we also had time for other leisure activities, such as language classes, dancing, volleyball, events and trips.

Impressions & Feedback
Meeting so many students from other backgrounds, cultures and beliefs was interesting. It helped me to question my own identity and stereotypes. The atmosphere was great, and we also learned a lot about communication. We could learn a lot from other participants, especially about ourselves, and I am sure that I will keep in touch with many of them.

Find out more about the DSA on their website.