Upcoming University Events

The University Counselling Office is excited to announce a series of events for our students:

  • From Fri, 13 May
    Year 12 University Essay Writing Workshop: 6 weeks of interactive sessions preparing students for UK style and US style university application essay writing.
  • Year 12 Lunch & Learn Sessions: Applying for Medicine. Oxford and Cambridge Applications.
  • Tue, 7 Jun
    GSIS Careers Day: Year 10/K09 and Year 12/K11 students will spend an afternoon in virtual sessions with GSIS alumni and parents from various industries, learning how to explore career interests.
  • Mon, 13 and Tue, 14 Jun
    Year 11 University Bootcamp: Two virtual sessions including university destination sessions and various activities to prepare rising Year 12 students for the research, preparation and submission phases of the university application process that goes into full swing in Year 12
  • Jun 14, 6:00 pm
    Why Oxford?
  • Jun 22, 7:00 pm
    Studying Law and Politics in the UK and Hong Kong
  • May and June
    Spring Virtual University Visit Series: top universities from around the world will be presenting to GSIS students on a variety of topics. Open to students from Y10/K09-Y12/K11.

Please contact the University Counselling Office for more information.