Official Notice Period
  1. Parents wishing to withdraw their children from GSIS must submit written notice directly to the Principal of the German Swiss International School a minimum of 60 days before the student’s last day at GSIS, excluding the months of July and August. Heads of Department and Class Teachers cannot accept withdrawal notices, whether confirmed or provisional.
  2. The school reserves the right to deduct outstanding school fees and other unpaid invoices from the value of the debenture held as well.
Provisional Withdrawal
  1. With the exception of the period from 1 May until 30 June, GSIS accepts a provisional notice of withdrawal in situations where it is not certain whether the student will continue on at GSIS.
  2. If a student subsequently leaves the school after a provisional withdrawal has been submitted, the date of the receipt of the provisional withdrawal notification will be used as the basis for notice period calculations.
  3. Notices of provisional withdrawal not confirmed by 30 April will be cancelled by the school, as it will be assumed that the student is staying on at GSIS in the following school year. If it is subsequently decided that a student will not continue on at GSIS in the next school year, a new notice of withdrawal must be submitted and is subject to the same terms and conditions outlined under the section Official Notice Period above, including the pro-rated late notice levy.
  4. Provisional withdrawals can be revoked at any time if it is decided that the student will stay on at GSIS. Written notice must be submitted directly to the Principal of the German Swiss International School.

Please ensure that all textbooks, library books and other property of GSIS are returned before your child leaves GSIS. In cases of outstanding school fees and other unpaid invoices, the school reserves the right to withhold the student's school report. Provided all items belonging to GSIS are returned and outstanding financial matters settled, a leaving certificate will be handed out to your child on the last school day.

Please let us know a forwarding address so that we may contact you if necessary, send you yearbooks and enrol you into GSIS alumni program.

The redemption of Standard Debentures is subject to Clause 6 of the school’s debenture conditions. Debentures issued in an employer’s name may only be presented for redemption during February or September in any year. In principle and where applicable, debentures can only be presented for redemption after the relevant student has left the school and all outstanding charges have been paid to The German Swiss International School Association Ltd. Any outstanding amount may be deducted from the face value of the debenture as per debenture conditions.

Should you wish to redeem your debenture, please submit the original debenture certificate with a short letter requesting redemption to:

The German Swiss International School Foundation Ltd
Mr Raymond Keung
11 Guildford Road
The Peak, Hong Kong

If you cannot submit the debenture form, please complete the Statutory Declaration Undertaking and Indemnity form authenticated by a solicitor, returning it to us for processing.