Enquire about German Bilingual Kindergarten Classes

From the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic school year, GSIS will be introducing two bi-lingual classes in the German Stream of our Kindergarten, as well as still running a German Kindergarten class.

There will be a German/English class with one native German and one native English teacher, and a German/Mandarin class with one native German and one native Mandarin teacher. Both bilingual classes will follow the German Curriculum to lead into the German School System and to prepare students for the German International Abitur.

As it is proven that 50:50 immersion is most effective when started in Kindergarten, we will follow this model which promotes bilingualism and biliteracy with positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviour.

GSIS has researched the benefits of introducing a bilingual programme and the power of language is undeniable. There is considerable research to show that bilingualism gives children social, linguistic and cognitive advantages. We believe that introducing these two bi-lingual classes at a key time in the child’s learning in our nurturing Kindergarten setting, will encourage them to express themselves in both languages.

If you would like further information and details on places available, please contact our Admissions team on 2849 6216.

Pre-Application for New Applicants

Please click the New Applicants button and complete the online inquiry form.  After review, the Admissions Department will come back to you with a comprehensive overview of our admissions process as well as login details to our Admissions Portal to launch your application.

New Applicants
Pre-Application for Existing GSIS Families

If you are a current GSIS family, please apply via the “Admissions Portal” using your existing Veracross login.

Admissions Portal
Application Finalization

The school will acknowledge receipt of the application and, subject to all details being completed, will place the student on the waiting list.

School Tours

Interested parents will have the opportunity of a guided tour of the school premises to get an impression of GSIS. Please contact the Admissions Department for further information.

A general condition for enrolment is the ability to follow classes in either German or English. The following cut-off date applies:


German Stream
English Stream

Children must have turned three (3) years of age by 31 August of the year of entry

English Stream Primary
German Stream Pre-School (DVOR)

Children must have turned five (5) years of age by 31 August of the year of entry

If places are available in the German Stream Kindergarten children aged 2 years 8 months can be enrolled. Children have to be toilet-trained.

Provided that places are available in the English Stream and following a successful entrance assessment, the school’s current admissions policy for either the German or the English Stream gives priority to applicants as follows:

  1. German, Swiss or Austrian nationals
  2. Siblings currently attending GSIS
  3. Parent is a teacher at GSIS
  4. Former GSIS Student
  5. Existing, vacant debenture-holders
  6. The date of receipt of a complete application

The school, however, reserves the right to decide whether or not a child is mature enough to join the school. Please note that in the English Stream, the priority system may also be applied when inviting applicants for an entrance assessment.

English Stream: Kindergarten and Year One Primary School

English Stream Kindergarten and Y01 applicants will be assessed individually, but within a group of up to eight children. The assessment schedule begins in January for entry in August of the same year.

English Stream: Primary

English Primary Y02 to Y06 applicants will be invited to attend a test between February to May. The interview for candidates for Y02 onwards will consist of a written test for English and Mathematics and verbal English.

English Stream: Secondary

English Secondary applicants (Y07-Y12) will be invited to attend assessments in January and February for entry in August of the same year.

  • Please note that all assessed papers are kept confidential. They remain the property of GSIS and will not be released to any party. No examples of the test papers are available prior to the examination.
  • When a vacancy arises during the year, the next applicant in line will be contacted to determine if continued interest in a place still exists. If so, a new entrance test and/or interview may be arranged before the place is confirmed.
  • Once a place has been offered in either, the German and English Stream, the allocation or purchase of a debenture must be finalized within the deadline specified in the offer letter.
  • The Principal of GSIS has the final approval of any admission.
  • Provided certain criteria is met, changing streams is possible at GSIS. Please contact the relevant Head of Department for further information.
  • In accordance with regulations of the Education Department and Immigration Department all students joining GSIS must be in possession of a valid Hong Kong ID card allowing unconditional stay or must have a valid passport with authorized residency status to be eligible for a place at GSIS. A visitor visa does not entitle the holder to attend any school in Hong Kong.
  • Please note that it is mandatory for all students at the Pok Fu Lam Campus to use the school bus.

For the avoidance of doubt, nothing contained in this information and related documents shall constitute an offer by German Swiss International School Association Limited. German Swiss International School Association Limited shall have the absolute discretion to decide whether to offer a vacancy to a particular candidate. The information contained herein and in the related documents (including but not limited to the class availability, timetables and locations of classes) may be changed from time to time by the German Swiss International School Association Limited.