If you have any queries regarding the Board and Committee membership lists here on this page, please email the Executive Assistant to the Principal and Board.

The German Swiss International School Association Ltd is a private body whose principal object is to maintain and enhance the GSIS. The members of the Association are mostly parents of GSIS students.

The Board elects from its members the Chairman who convenes and presides over all meetings and who acts for and on behalf of the Association. Members of the Association and persons nominated by the School Board can become members of a number of sub-committees, which all parents are welcome to join.

The German Swiss International School Foundation Ltd owns and manages the school premises. It is the trustee of the capital accrued through the debentures taken out by parents and companies and donations. A debenture entitles the holder to membership in the German Swiss International School Foundation Ltd.

The Management Committee is a Sub-Committee of the Board of Association, reporting directly to the Board of Association.

The Management Committee consists of up to five elected Members of the GSIS Association Board, among them the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, the Treasurer of the Board, the Principal and the Administrator.

The Supervisor of the Management Committee is an elevated Member of the Management Committee and is the official contact person to the Hong Kong Education Authority. The Supervisor will chair the Management Committee Meetings.

The Management Committee deals with duties assigned to it by law, and in particular by the Education Ordinance and its subsidiary legislation.

The Management Committee meets at least once a quarter and, if required, can be called in on short notice if serious subjects need to be addressed earlier.

The Building Committee members and consultants meet regularly throughout the year to ensure that regular maintenance, renovation and rectification works are undertaken on the school buildings. This is vital to maintaining the quality of the buildings.

The Finance Committee supervises income and expenditures of the school throughout the year and discusses, prepares and proposes a budget for the following financial year.

Parents@GSIS is a sub-committee of and reports to the Board of the German Swiss International School Association Ltd.

The team consists of at least 7 members, including the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, the Treasurer and an additional three members. The Chairman and the Deputy are appointed by the Board of Directors of German Swiss International School Association Ltd and nominate other Parents@GSIS members.

Parents@GSIS sponsors and organises events to strengthen the community of GSIS parents across the two streams and meets at least quarterly.

The Personnel Matters Committee (PMC) is a Sub-Committee of the Board of Association.

The members of the PMC establish and review guidelines relating to working conditions for locally employed teachers and administration staff, including salary tables, and puts them to the Board for consideration.

The Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding the annual salary review as well as the guidelines for special benefits e.g. payment of rental allowance, granting of loans, payment of traveling and moving costs, pension fund, medical insurance, etc.

The Chairman of the PMC is nominated by the Board of Association.