Message from Managing Director

Welcome to GSIS!

With a background in and a passion for education, I have a clear vision for GSIS to ensure that the school continues to thrive. The world in which our students live is changing and the demands of our education systems are also evolving. This is a really exciting time to be part of GSIS and I am fully committed to looking ahead and around us to create the long term vision for our school and community.

Education is an exciting process, organic and ongoing with each student needing to be prepared to give of their own talents and to value those of others. GSIS is an inclusive learning community in which children and adults together are committed to, and inspired by, a love of learning, as well as caring deeply about the world around them and ahead of them by exploring all the possibilities. Our Faculty staff motivate our students to go beyond their academic comfort zones and encourage them to embrace academic rigour. Our Administration team comes from diverse backgrounds with varying skill sets and their dedication to the school allows teachers to focus on students’ learning and development.

Our German Swiss heritage and traditions are something we are very proud of. The marriage of old and new, and innovative developments make for a unique educational experience for every one of our students. Our website will give you a flavour of GSIS and the opportunities for challenge which we provide, but please do come and visit us.

Clare Chiu
Managing Director