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Standing Together: GSIS Annual Fund

GSIS is one of the top international schools in Hong Kong and Asia. Offering a multicultural education and environment, we are very proud of our two parallel streams which lead to exceptional results - the German International Stream offers students the German International Abitur diploma (DIA), whilst the English International Stream graduates receive the British IGCSE and International IB. Within this framework, we seek to encourage our students to develop strength of character and social responsibility amidst a diverse student body from many different backgrounds and cultures. They enrich each other through their differences and are taught to be resourceful, independent, confident, and creative in everyday life.

With ambitious dreams and goals in shaping the future of GSIS, we wish to create a ‘community of giving’ through our Annual Fund to make up the difference in the school’s operating expenses and provisions required which isn’t fully covered by tuition and fees alone. Supporting this fundraising initiative will allow us the flexibility to maintain and improve campus facilities, enhance creative and innovative programmes as well as retain and attract top teaching talent which are just a few of the transformational aspirations we have.

As a non-profit institution, the GSIS Annual Fund is a critical component in our continuous effort to deliver a world-class education. No matter how big or small, your tax-deductible gift will provide extra resources both in and beyond the classroom. It will enrich the lives and development of our students giving them the broadest range of opportunities.

A GSIS education would not be possible without your help and contribution to stay relevant and remain as one of the best international schools in Hong Kong. We believe we can achieve more with your kind generosity.

We hope you incorporate GSIS into your philanthropy efforts and donate today to secure the success of our current and future students for generations to come.

Many thanks,

Grit Cichon
Acting Principal


GSIS is a non-profit organisation in which all school fees are allocated to the operation of each campus and for the education of every student.

The purpose of the GSIS Annual Fund is to financially support the ever-changing needs of our 21st-century students to discover and develop their unique talents, and inevitably ensure that the best learning environment is delivered.

The income from tuition is spent on the school’s functional costs and we are fully committed to keeping our fees within an achievable and competitive range. The GSIS Annual Fund gives our community the opportunity to support the school in a way that will have an immediate and beneficial impact. It creates crucial annual revenue enabling us to enhance GSIS’s educational provisions and positively impact special initiatives which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Some examples include creating unique student learning programmes, classroom technology improvements, maintaining the upkeep of everyday wear and tear as well as upgrading both campus facilities, to name a few.

The generosity and support of the GSIS family are essential and so vital to the school’s success, and we look forward to strengthening these ties even further so please send your tax-deductible donation today.

If you would like further details on how the GSIS Annual Fund donations will be used, please feel free to contact us at or +852 2825 8172.

What is the GSIS Fund?

The GSIS Fund is a request for support to everyone in the GSIS community. Whatever you donate is important and any amount is appreciated as many small gifts will add up to making a big difference to our students.

Why don’t school fees cover this?

GSIS is a not-for-profit charitable organisation under Hong Kong law and all our income is reinvested in providing outstanding education to all of our students.

What level of gift is expected?

You may give whatever you wish. Anyone – alumni, parents, grandparents, friends, Board members, staff past and present – all are invited to support GSIS via the GSIS Fund.

How do I know that GSIS will use my gift appropriately?

We will report back to you and all donors on how much we raise and how we spend the funds.

How will my gift be spent?

This will be at the Board’s discretion as it is difficult to predict what the financial needs of the school will be in the future.

Do I have to participate?

Participation is completely voluntary. However, we are striving for a high percentage participate rate to ensure that GSIS remains a diverse and vibrant place.

Will the amount that my family gives be made public?

We will acknowledge our donors in our Giving Report in November 2020. Your gift may be anonymous if you would prefer so please indicate this on the online form.




These can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually for as long as you wish. By donating this way, you provide GSIS with a regular income that enables us to plan ahead and use your donation more efficiently.



A major gift is a donation of HK$500,000 or higher. Gifts can be made by individuals, companies, or foundations and can come in many forms with payments spread out over several years. These donations will be honoured with a plaque on our Donor Wall.


A donation made by an individual through a will or other formal designation. Leaving a legacy gift to GSIS is one of the greatest tokens you can make to the school. It creates a permanent testimony to your affection for GSIS and allows you to give support to the school in a way that you may not have been able to during your lifetime.


Many companies run matching gift programmes which can double your charitable contributions at no expense to yourself. Your Human Resources Department will be able to help you on this.


When the time comes for your child to move on to pastures new, please commit to donating your Debenture. It’s a great way to show your gratitude to GSIS for fully equipping our students with knowledge and determination to succeed, and dream big.



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