Sponsorship Opportunities - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校


Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to charitable relationships between various donors and GSIS, our school is keen to enter into other alliances such as sponsorships, which create diverse benefits for both partners and added value for the community.

As well as being an opportunity to invest in education – arguably the most fundamental and important experience in anyone’s life - there are a number of benefits associated with entering into sponsorship with GSIS:

Valuable PR exposure
Supporting GSIS provides innumerable and ongoing opportunities to raise the profile of any sponsor through the association with a flagship international private school in Hong Kong. Sponsors can expect a substantial level of recognition, as GSIS has been one of the private schools with a longstanding record of academic excellence.

Community involvement
Supporting GSIS provides numerous opportunities for your staff to get involved in the local community and to contribute to society. Sponsors are given mentoring opportunities, working with both teachers and students to impart expertise and experience.

Building long term relationships highlighting career opportunities
Working closely together with students and staff of GSIS gives your organisation a great opportunity to build long-term relationship and to influence the ways in which our young people are taught and exposed to your industry. You will be in a position to promote careers in your industry to the school community through various mediums such as publications, internships, and conferences.

Tax efficiency
Every HK$ donated is tax deductible as both German Swiss International School Association Ltd and German Swiss International School Foundation Ltd are both charitable organisations.

If you are interested in entering into a sponsorship arrangement with GSIS please contact the Advancement Office on +852 2825 8116 or by email.

A copy of the GSIS Sponsoring Policy can be downloaded here.