Beginning with our founding in 1969, GSIS has long been shaped by the community for whom we were created to serve.  This proud history of volunteers, supporters and donors has brought the school to where we stand today:  as one of Hong Kong’s leading international schools, with a well-deserved reputation for excellence in teaching and student achievement.

GSIS is now at an important juncture where we must call upon the support of our families, alumni and corporate sponsors:  The Campus Development Plan will endow the school with cutting-edge facilities and flexible space, in which we can continue our track record of success into the 21st century.  However, it is a costly and ambitious undertaking and one that we are all the more able to accomplish with your help.

How GSIS is funded

As a registered non-profit organisation, GSIS relies upon tuition fees to cover the majority of our operational costs and also receives some subsidy from the German government in this regard. Debentures held by individuals and companies have allowed the school to build up substantial reserves to address capital costs over the years – including the completed phases of the Campus Development Plan. Charitable donations on top of these funding streams add significant value to the school’s resources.

A lasting impact

Financial contributions from the school community put GSIS in a much stronger position to deliver an outstanding, progressive education both today and for the generations of learners to come.  The impact of your donation is far-reaching:  not only does it enable GSIS to provide the very best education for our students; it sets an important example to our young people about the value of community service and of supporting institutions to whose mission and vision we are committed to.

Opportunities to give

We are proud of the diverse school community at GSIS and wish for this to be reflected in our donor roll. Whether donors feel capable of giving at a leadership gift level or have more modest means, the combined effort of the GSIS community can have a truly transformational effect on the future of the school. We encourage donors to aim to give the most impactful gift within their means and we aspire to build long-standing relationships with our supporters.

To find out more about how you can get involved with supporting GSIS, please contact the Development Office by calling 2825 8172 or emailing

Donations to GSIS are tax-deductible in Hong Kong and we can also offer arrangements for United States taxpayers..

Thank you for your support.