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Primary Library

We have over 20,000 resources in English, German and Mandarin for borrowing.

The Primary Library aims to:

  • promote the love of literature
  • enhance the students’ English and German
  • support the classrooms and the student’s learning
  • integrate ICT in the curriculum

Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 7:40 am – 2:00 pm

We are open for primary classes 7:40 am – 12:35 pm and break times (except first Friday).

We are open for secondary classes (K05, K06, Y07 and Y08) 12.35 pm – 2:00 pm and lunchtimes.

Parents and families who would like to visit are welcome to make an appointment with Ms Tong (


Reach us by phone 2825 8153

Contact the Teacher Librarian email

The junior library holdings include

  • Picture Books
  • Young Fiction Books
  • Fiction Books
  • Young Adult Fiction Books
  • Non-fiction Books
  • Reference Books
  • Mandarin Collection
  • Parents Collection
  • Hong Kong Collection
  • GSIS Collection

Each class K01 – K04 and K – Y07 comes once a week for a teaching lesson in the library. They may borrow books for 2 weeks. Kindergarten also come weekly for reading time.

German students doing English as a foreign language (E2), K02-K08, and English students doing German as a foreign language (G2), Y05-Y06, come every second week to borrow a foreign language book(s).

Parents are welcome to borrow up to 6 items for 2 weeks. To become a member simply fill in a Family Membership Form and return it to the junior library.

KG / Y01

  • Picture Books; Authors
    • David McKee
    • Tony Ross
    • Michael Inkpen
    • Pamela Allen
    • Colin Thompson
    • Julia Donaldson
    • Colin McNaughton
    • Kres Gray
    • Nick Butterworth
    • Beatrix Potter
    • Nick Sharrat
    • Lynley Dodd
    • Anthony Browne
    • Heather Amery
    • Martin Waddell
    • Mick Inkpen
  • Picture Books; Series
    • Elmer
    • The little princess
    • Hairy McClarey
    • Topsy and Tim
    • Willy
    • Sasha
  • Young Fiction; Series
    • Aussie nibbles
    • Read along
    • Berenstain Bears
    • Ready, steady, read
    • Colour young puffin
    • A Rascal story


  • Advanced Picture Books; Titles
    • Something nasty in the cabbages
    • Snow White : a tale from the Brothers Grimm
    • The elves and the shoemaker
    • The last train
    • The hare and the tortoise :- and other animal stories
    • Ella’s big chance
    • The remarkable Farkle McBride
    • Dogteam
    • The old woman who named things
    • How to live forever
    • Tom Thumb
    • Scarlette Beane
    • All-weather friends
    • Beatrice’s goat
    • Wombat goes walkabout


  • Picture Books; Authors
    • Marc Brown
    • Babette Cole
    • Grace Lin
    • Lauren Child
  • Picture Books; Series
    • Arthur
    • I spy
  • Young Fiction; Authors
    • Allan and Janet Ahlberg
    • Martin Waddell
    • Dr. Suess
    • Jeff Brown
    • Terence Blacker
    • Shoo Rayner
    • Tony Bradman
    • Judy Blume
    • Jeanne Willis
    • Karen Wallace
    • Roald Dahl
    • Jenny Dale
  • Young Fiction, Series
    • Usborne young reading
    • Usborne young puzzle books
    • Happy families
    • Orchard super crunchies “Crazy job”
    • Young colour puffins
    • Flying foxes
    • Blue bananas
    • Yellow bananas
    • Flat Stanely
    • Ms. Wiz
    • Little horrors
    • Dilly
    • Monty
    • Aussie bites
    • Puppy place
    • DK readers (Star Wars)
    • Girls rock! or Girlz rock!
    • Boys rule! Or Boyz rule!
  • Non-fiction
    • Jan Latta
    • Usborne activities


  • Young Fiction; Authors
    • Terence Blackman
    • Jill Murphy
    • Jackie Chan
    • Tony Mitton
    • K. H. McMillan
    • Jon Scienska
  • Young Fiction; Series
    • Flippers
    • The worst witch
    • Camelot
    • Dragon slayers
    • Sparkles
    • Tiara Club
    • Pony-mad princess
    • Magic tree house
    • Red bananas
    • Aussie chomps
    • Jake Drake
    • The Crunchbone Castle chronicles
  • Fiction; Authors
    • Eric Sanvoisin
    • R. L. Stine
    • Jeremy Strong
    • Paul Jennings
    • Malorie Blackman
    • B.R. Haynes
    • Roald Dahl
    • Dick King-Smith
    • Lucy Daniels
    • Jenny Oldfield
    • Deborah Oswald
    • Alexander McCall Smith
    • Jenny Nimmo
  • Fiction; Series
    • Goosebumps
    • Geronimo Stilton
    • A Shakespeare story
    • Little Vampire
    • The gizmo
    • Bonechillers
    • Animal ark
  • Non-fiction
    • Horrible geography
    • Horrible Science
    • Horrible history
    • Getting into (sport)
    • Mighty military machines


  • Fiction; Authors
    • Sheila Lavelle
    • Sam McBratney
    • Natalie Jane Prior
    • Lensey Namioka
    • James Lee
    • Ian Whybrow
    • Betsy Byars
    • Eva Ibbotson
    • Gillian Cross
    • Jacqueline Wilson
    • Jeremy Strong
    • Bonnie Byrant
    • Kaye Umansky
    • Paul Jenninngs
    • Nina Bawden
    • Tove Jansson
    • Caroline Lawrence
    • Bruce Coville
    • Roald Dahl
    • Beverly Cleary
    • Diana Wynne-Jones
    • K. A. Applegate
    • Dav Pilkey
    • Gwyneth Rees
    • Margaret Ryan
    • Ellen Potter
  • Fiction; Series
    • Demon Headmaster
    • Spiderwick chronicles
    • Big football feast
    • Jimmy Zest
    • Lilly Quench
    • Mr. Midnight
    • Mr. Mystery
    • Graffix
    • Graphic readers
    • Saddle club
    • Captain Underpants
    • Roman mysteries
    • Animorphs
    • Nancy Drew
    • Hardy Boys
    • Olivia Kidney
  • Non-fiction
    • Magic school bus


  • Fiction; Authors
    • Steve Barlow
    • John Christopher
    • Philip Ardagh
    • Bob Cattrell
    • Peter Stuart
    • Emily Rodda
    • Meg Cabot
    • Linda Sue Park
    • Gail Carson Levine
    • Judy Blume
    • James Moloney
    • Victor Kelleher
    • Jacqueline Wilson
    • Morris Gleitzmann
    • Paul Jennings
    • Enid Blyton
    • Brian Jacques
    • C. S. Lewis
    • Gillian Rubenstein
    • Anthony Horowitz
    • Joan Aiken
    • Lemony Snicket
    • Bruce Coville
    • Anthony Masters
    • Anne Fine
    • Jack Gantos
    • J. K. Rowling
    • Philip Ridley
    • Gary Paulsen
    • Paul Stewart
    • Robert Swindells
    • Philip Pullman
    • Robin Jarvis
    • Robert Rigby
  • Fiction; Series
    • The tripods
    • Narnia
    • Mad myths
    • Eddie Dickens
    • Deltora quest
    • Rowan of Rin
    • A series of unfortunate events
    • Harry Potter
    • A Herculeah Jones mystery
    • Spy girl
    • WWII flashbacks
    • Fighting fantasy


  • Fiction and Young Adult; Authors
    • Terry Deary
    • Susan Cooper
    • Lauren Brooke
    • Bernard Ashley
    • Louis Saacher
    • J.R.R. Tolkien
    • Michael Morpurgo
    • John Mardsen
    • Christopher Paolini
    • Rosemary Sutcliffe
    • Paul Danzinger
    • Brian Jacques
    • Susan Price
    • Gordon Korman
    • Eoin Colfer
    • Jerry Spinelli
    • Avi
  • Fiction and Young Adult; Series
    • My story
    • Tudor terror
    • The wolves of Willoughby Chase
    • Cherub
    • Lord of the rings
    • Redwall
    • Tales of the Otori
    • The chronicles of Prydain
    • Pagan Chronicles
    • Chronicles of ancient darkness
  • Non-fiction
    • Chinese Cinderella

DVOR and K01 (beginning of the year)

  • Picture Books; Authors
    • Eric Carle
    • Astrid Lindgren
    • Max Velthuijs
    • Leo Lionni
    • Ursel Scheffler
    • Janosch
    • Hans de Beer
    • Marcus Pfister
    • Sigrid Heuch
    • Hans Christian Andersen
    • Brüder Grimm
  • Picture Books; Series
    • Frosch
    • Rägenbogefisch
    • Pony und Bär

K01 (end of year) and K02

  • Young Fiction Books; Authors
    • Janosch
    • Hans de Beer
    • Ursel Scheffler
    • Josef Carl Grund
    • Claudia Ondrecek
    • Mary Pope Osborne
    • Christine Nöstlinger
    • Margaret Rettich
    • Astrid Lindgren
    • Erhard Dietl
    • Wolfram Hänel
    • Ingrid Uebe
    • Kirsten Boie
    • Cornelia Funke
    • Eveline Hasler
    • Roald Dahl
  • Young Fiction; Series
    • Das magische Baumhaus

K03 and K04

  • Fiction Books; Authors
    • Christine Nöstlinger
    • Ingrid Uebe
    • Cornelia Funke
    • Roald Dahl
    • Astrid Lindgren
    • Bonnie Byrant
    • Lucy Daniels
    • Lise Gast
    • Thomas Brezina
    • Angela Sommer-Bodenburg
    • Willi Fährmann
    • Peter Härtling
    • Dimiter Inkiow
    • Ursel Scheffler
    • Erich Kästner
    • Knister
    • Paul Maar
    • Jo Pestum
    • Otfried Preußler
    • J R R Tolkien
    • Renate Welsh
  • Fiction Books; Series
    • Ponybande
    • Pony
    • Alle meine Monster und Mark Mega
    • Kleine Vampir
    • Familie geschichten
    • Meine Schwester Klara
    • Kommissar Kugelblitz
    • Emil
    • Hexe Lilli
    • Sams
    • Detektiv Luc Lucas

oder benutzen Sie diesen Aufstellungsort, um Autoren zu finden, die Sie lesen mögen können

Author Visits
In addition to Bookweek author visits the library has other authors visit and speak to both the EPD and GPD students during the year.

Bookweek is held annually in March. The junior library arranges international storytellers, authors or illustrators to visit the school. The junior library also runs competitions such as writing and colouring-in contests.

Bücher Olympiade
Bücher Olympiade is a school wide competition for classes K01- K04. Starting in October students will be asked to read selected titles from a class library. Small teams will compete to answer questions about these books.

Mini Battle of the Books
Mini Battle of the Books is an inter-school competition for Y04. Starting in March students will be asked to read selected titles from a class library. Small teams will compete to answer questions about these books. In June the winning team will go on to battle another Hong Kong school.

Battle of the Books
Battle of the Books is a Hong Kong wide school competition. Through the Battle of the Books competition, students are exposed to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints by prominent authors in the area of young adult literature. Students answer questions from 20 to 27 different book titles in a quiz-bowl type format. Each team battles each of the other teams. The team with the highest point total at the end wins the competition.Teams of students from Y05-Y06 battle to represent the school. The books are available in the library from August each year and the school competition starts in February.

Antolin ist das Buchportal für Kinder!
Hier wählen Kinder eigenständig Buchtitel aus, die sie bereits gelesen haben oder noch lesen möchten.

Nach dem Lesen beantworten sie dann mit Hilfe von Antolin Fragen zu dem Jeweiligen Buch. Auf diese Weise fordert Antolin das sinnentnehmende Lesen und motivert die Kinder, sich mit den Inhalten der gelesenen Werke auseinander zu setzen.

Search EnginesEspecially for primary students

Online Encyclopaedias

Online Dictionaries

Collection development
Collection is the sum total of the library materials developed to cater for the needs of the school community. A school library incorporates a wide range of appropriate print, multi-media and electronic resources selected to match the school’s curriculum, the students’ learning styles and abilities and their interests.
The junior library has a collection development policy which can be viewed on request.

Challenged materials
The Library collection may include some materials, which express attitudes and opinions or include information to which some school community members may object. If you have an objection please fill in the Request for Reconsideration of Resources Form and forward this to the junior library teacher librarian for review.

Schools must abide by the copyright ordinance of Hong Kong.

It is a general rule that it is an infringement of copyright law for any person to reproduce a work without the permission of the copyright owner. However several important exceptions apply such as fair dealing for research and private study; criticism, review and news reporting, for use of works in library and school are permitted. The junior library has a copyright policy which can be viewed on request. More information can be found by selecting the link below.

Senior Library

The GSIS Senior Library is an extended classroom and a guided learning area for all members of our community. We aim to create an active learning environment for our students.

Our library:

  1. Collects, promotes, and facilitates access to resources on curriculum subjects and recreational interests in print and non-print formats
  2. Encourages students and staff to become competent users of information and independent lifelong learners
  3. Raises awareness of the intellectual and cultural heritage of our community while increasing international mindedness on campus
  4. Stimulates a love of reading, learning, and inquiry

Library Policies

  1. All students should follow GSIS Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement
  2. Students are asked to use the library with consideration. Any unnecessary noise, disturbance or inappropriate behaviour is prohibited
  3. All electronic devices should be set to silent or used with headphones
  4. The group study room can only be booked with the librarian’s approval
  5. No eating in the library
  6. A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged items

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 5:00 during school days


2/F Middle Building, German Swiss International School, 11 Guildford Road, The Peak, Hong Kong


Telephone: 2825 8169; Email: