Congratulations to Sami who achieved a Maximum IB Score!

We are delighted to share the remarkable achievements of one of our own, Sami, a distinguished graduate of GSIS. Sami recently achieved a perfect score on his IB Diploma, a testament to his unwavering dedication and academic excellence. Below, Sami shares his insights on his journey, the factors contributing to his success, and his future aspirations as he prepares to embark on the next chapter. His remarkable accomplishments inspire current and future GSIS students, demonstrating the potential for excellence that our school nurtures.













Attaining a maximum score in my IB Diploma is an accomplishment I am immensely proud of. While my primary focus was meeting the conditions for my university offer, achieving a maximum score in the diploma remains surreal and is a testament to the effort I put in throughout the Diploma Programme.

Succeeding in the IB demanded more than just hard work during the exam period; the extensive coursework, including the Extended Essay, CAS and Internal Assessments, required me to remain dedicated throughout the two-year programme and effectively manage my time to cover all bases of the diploma. My approach involved honest self-accountability in identifying areas for improvement while retaining a proactive attitude throughout Years 12 and 13, recognising the importance of my results on my path to university.

I encourage future IB Diploma students to remain persistent and understand that while some free time may be sacrificed and there may be periods of stress, these temporary challenges of the IB Diploma ultimately pave the way for a successful future at university and beyond. I encourage students to actively speak to their teachers and classmates for guidance while following internal deadlines set by the school to balance their commitment to the diploma with ongoing university applications. It is crucial to remember that these are the two most important years of school, and they cannot be re-lived, so it is necessary to invest a great amount of effort, which is certainly justified by the sense of accomplishment after graduating.

I will pursue further studies at Imperial College London, where I have enrolled in the new Economics, Finance, and Data Science BSc program. The degree is a fascinating combination of the three subjects I studied at a higher level (HL) in the IB Diploma: Economics, Maths and Computer Science. It is intriguing to be part of a cohort with a shared interest in these subjects in contrast to the diverse array of disciplines my classmates at GSIS were passionate about. I eagerly anticipate studying at such a prestigious institution, attending seminars by influential figures and witnessing more real-world applications of concepts I learned throughout the IB Diploma.

As the course I will undertake covers three major subjects, it grants me substantial flexibility in shaping my pathway for the future. I aspire to venture into the investment banking sector, drawn by its highly demanding nature that matches my ambitious attitude. Such a route could potentially lead me back to Hong Kong in the future. At the moment, however, my full focus rests on my university studies, which will establish the direction of my future endeavours.

Having spent 15 years at GSIS, I will always look back fondly on its incredibly vibrant and closely-knit community. I felt great pride in representing the school at sporting events across both primary and secondary. Football tournaments were a particular highlight, winning as a player in Year 7 and coaching the C-Grade team to victory this past year with a friend of mine. The compassionate teachers, exceptional classmates and a vibrant school spirit made my time at GSIS unforgettable.