Samuel’s DSA Programme Summer Experience

Samuel, a K12 German Secondary student, spent his Summer break in Germany at the Deutsche Schüler Akademie (DSA). This enrichment programme is dedicated for school appointed students finishing in K10 and K11. Taking place annually in mid-July, participants learn, study, and conduct research on one particular subject and present their ideas and write a scientific report about the topic. There were four subjects offered in total: Digital Forensic, Perspectives: Human - Forest, "Are we able to speak European?", and Indo-Pacific Politics. Hear what Samuel had to say about his experience in this exclusive programme.

As I have a passion for languages, I decided to choose the topic: "Are we able to speak European?". We learned about what factors influence a language and how planned languages (such as Esperanto) could help to achieve it. We also had the opportunity to listen to a talk from Marcos Cramer, a specialist in Esperanto.

In addition to this academic programme, we had time for other leisure activities, such as language classes, dancing, volleyball, trips and other events that were hosted.

I found it incredibly captivating to engage with numerous students who came from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and belief systems. This experience prompted me to critically examine my own identity and challenge any preconceived notions or stereotypes I may have held. The atmosphere was vibrant, fostering an environment where we could mutually learn from one another and engage in introspection. I am confident that I will maintain connections with many of the individuals I met during this remarkable journey.

Find out more about the DSA on their website.