IB Diploma Results 2021-2022

We are delighted to announce the IB Diploma success of a remarkable cohort. In the most challenging of circumstances with no prior public examinations and long bouts of online learning, the Class of 2022 have performed extremely well with all students achieving the grades that will ensure entry to their chosen university across the world.

All fifty-five of our students passed the Diploma with 34 points and above. Two thirds achieved over 40 points and five students attained a full score of 45. Our average points score as a school is 41. Four of our students achieved the prestigious bi-lingual Diploma and, of course, 13 achieved the Deutsches Sprachdiplom II earlier in the year. We expect that these numbers will increase further following the remark process that senior staff will manage over the summer.

Those of you who have lived the IB Diploma will know full well that these results are more than just numbers. They are the product of a philosophy that binds the IB together through its mission and to which we are committed as an IB World School. Students complete a 4,000-word academic essay, a rigorous course in critical thinking as well as numerous self-initiated projects focused on service learning and which make a significant difference to the community. The manner in which our students engage with complex ideas, international-mindedness and global perspectives is truly inspiring.

These achievements are not only testament to the students’ hard work but also to our remarkable staff who, despite teaching in an unfamiliar, virtual environment for many weeks, maintained the academic standards we have come to expect. Our decision to take the examination pathway was supported by our facilities teams, led by Ada Ng, who created a discrete and safe ‘bubble’ for all the public examinations. Huge thanks to Sean Wray, our IB Diploma Coordinator, Debbie Crouch & Stella Leung, our Examination Officers, who provided the support for students to sit all the papers. And great appreciation to Claire Wilkins and Beatrice Ugolini, our University Guidance team, who will continue to support students in completing their university placements.

Best wishes to all our graduating Class of 2022 as they take the next step knowing that they are well-prepared for success having established strong academic and personal foundations.