Swiss Taskforce Update - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校

Swiss Taskforce Update

18 June 2020 Board

GSIS Swiss Taskforce Blog 17 June 2020

Dear Students, Dear Parents, Dear Community, 

Find this blog addressing our students with the purpose of providing you with Swiss experiences and knowledge in order to bring the Swiss culture closer to your hearts and minds. 

The Swiss Taskforce

The Swiss Taskforce consists of five members from across our school community, and was constituted early 2020 to maintain and to improve more Swissness into the German Swiss International School. We stand for diversity and inclusion of all students and all community members, no matter their backgrounds. 

The Swiss Taskforce set up three strategic objectives to materialise this Swissness, which include:

     a) strengthening of the Swiss Values at our school, 

     b) introducing students of both English International Stream and German International Stream to the Swiss Culture and 

     c) supporting them on Swiss education topics. 

The Swissness Initiatives

We have lined up a variety of initiatives aimed at achieving these objectives. Ideas include adding Swiss elements to the curriculum (such as introduction to the Swiss culture, geography and history), supporting Swiss teachers to teach at GSIS, celebrating Swiss festivities and providing Swiss options to the Extracurricular activities and Discovery weeks. This will be complemented by introducing students to Swiss institutions such as the Swiss Red Cross and Swiss companies in Hong Kong.

Besides, we aim to extend the student counselling to include Swiss universities and high schools, to support Swiss students transferring in and out of Hong Kong by informing and coaching them in their transition. In particular, we aim to build and maintain relationships with leading Swiss universities.

Acting on our words

The Board and Management of the school are fully supportive to make these ideas happen, and we welcome anyone to contribute, ask questions and raise ideas. We aim to  maintain friendly relations between the Swiss Consulate, the School Committee and the school. We also have to be clear that these initiatives alone will not bring the Swiss Government support back.

We would like to close with a vote of thanks to Uli and the teachers, and Clare with her team, who will ensure these ideas get priority and implement many of our ideas over the next 6-12 months.

Warm regards,

GSIS Swiss Taskforce

GSIS Swiss Taskforce Members consists of a diverse group including parents from both streams and the board

Daniel Trethaway, Francois Hora, Jelmar de Jong, Peter Fuellemann, Ortwin Gierhake with Ulrich Weghoff and Clare Chiu