Questionnaire on the possible implementation of a bilingual Kindergarten Class

Dear Prospective Parents of Kindergarten German Stream

As we are always striving to expand our kindergarten programme, we are currently discussing the possibility of opening a bilingual kindergarten class. Bilingual means that the children encounter two languages in their class and learn in a playful way.

Bilingual also means that children who already know both languages from home can develop it further in Kindergarten. Also children who speak only one of the two languages are welcome in the bilingual kindergarten class, because this is where the awareness through playful learning of each other's language begins.

As part of these considerations and for further planning, we would like to identify your potential interest in such a kindergarten class and ask you to answer the following questions:

N.B. Please submit only one response per family.

Your answers will be treated anonymously and confidentially and will only be used to determine your needs. We thank you very much for your participation and will inform you about the further development in our Kindergarten.

With kind regards

Sophie Burdel
Head GSIS Kindergarten